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Thu Jul 16 09:22:37 2015 +0000
d6cec98744a6569ffadcc7c3492212789f894a51Jonathan Kew — Bug 1183439 - Update the wording of a few assertions to reflect logical-coordinate conversion. r=dholbert
e6eed9f588de74077f18248d72508418d7061c23Jonathan Kew — Bug 1131451 part 2 - Respect the container height when converting vertical-RTL inline-direction coordinates. r=dholbert
28673cc5e68b48d6a397b027a6ef5321703dea4aJonathan Kew — Bug 1131451 part 1 - Replace containerWidth with containerSize in logical-coordinate classes and APIs, frame classes, etc. r=dholbert
b0f47defe8106f673aea5fdd4f91e64aaa5e6ff5Jonathan Kew — Bug 1177614 - Provide a utility method on nsHTMLReflowState to return the computed size including border-padding, for use as a container for logical coordinate conversions, or zero if unconstrained. r=dholbert