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Fri Dec 02 22:19:34 2016 +0000
8b922bd2f864d6c850f5624f26775348becd2365Towkir Ahmed — Bug 1313486 - Fix unicode-bidi for DOM label and value in RTL locales. r=Honza
c699b4675d34796a5e338fef7a8ee17701441501Landry Breuil — Bug 1321777 - Prepend js namespace to timezone to fix a build failure on OpenBSD. r=andrebargull
c7fa5ee09c1a2dbde0593ead08478fd397ba652fMartin Stransky — Bug 1320686 - [nsLookAndFeel] Get styles for menu label, button text and combobox text colors from WidgetCache. r=karlt
d0055028cd1f20936a79307a71da7635e39aa229Jessica Jong — Bug 1321245 - Request native key bindings for delayed keypress events. r=smaug