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Fri Jan 04 00:46:49 2013 +0000
04578917e3d5c7aa2400b91d05c1f29671d43230Karl Tomlinson — back out 54501cee764e b=623380
df9fd7cdd3338c48dcacfb0cf02fda222896bc86Karl Tomlinson — b=814200 remove unnecessary XSelectInput with XtAddEventHandler r=stransky
cffc2daf1e91ea97458880400ad9e33ccf061dc4Karl Tomlinson — b=814200 listen only to necessary Xt events and be explicit about those events r=stransky
6bd9494f9be3531fc80e80e04d96be8aa47fe4c9Karl Tomlinson — b=814200 don't redirect embedder socket window resize requests to Xt client r=stransky
ca4a06c212f8b87d7d6b1ab94335744586eff81fKarl Tomlinson — b=814200 remove unused gtk_xtbin_set_position r=stransky