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Wed Sep 05 18:34:03 2012 +0000
cfc884e6e414d18ee55df838b892151a1582feb4Bobby Holley — Bug 771354 - Don't special-case principal assignment for chrome windows in nsGlobalWindow.cpp. r=bz
6427078e02fecf585b9162a455127ed0ffe909beBobby Holley — Bug 774607 - Remove JS_{Is,Make}SystemObject API. r=luke
569dc0ef24b20a898102d1212346fc8d6d32709cBobby Holley — Bug 774607 - Remove use of JS_{Is,Make}SystemObject from Gecko. r=bz
a0e42f6c2359806d247c4411569053c013a0439eBobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Fix TestAppShellSteadyState to load a system principal URI so that we don't discard the inner window. r=bent
3ae9e26467f69bd88195d3b28ae7a3632c33e5aeBobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Assert against switching origins on a compartment. r=jst
b33228bc231a97e65ae89311dcf1f217560d8868Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Remove "is chrome window" condition for inner window reuse. r=jst
32ecf0cec2c305c65792b9a5a75e4ee4a9714ad3Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Move the call to SetInitialPrincipalToSubject into nsAppShellService::RegisterTopLevelWindow. r=jst
783bd41565ececb0b8c5124d67eb9f328866df91Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Fold SetOpenerScriptPrincipal into SetInitialPrincipalToSubject, and make it indempotent and callable without an existing document. r=jst
a22a0ad64bb6509c5b59d9dab3fd4560806438e1Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Remove dead mOpenerScriptPrincipal. r=jst
4885a6b70c02bfd9e5769bf417ce891aa92fdf5eBobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Wean SetInitialPrincipalToSubject off some parameters and clean it up. r=jst
5cb753a50e2224f84671e06e806a8241a8e964c0Bobby Holley — Bug 774633 - Factor nsWindowWatcher call to SetOpenerScriptPrincipal into a method on nsGlobalWindow. r=jst