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Fri Jan 26 21:09:16 2018 +0000
c8f0fb23b6e4156eb684e39456b4ab2e2dd830f2Ben Kelly — Bug 1430139 P4 Fix mochitest paths for new dom/serviceworkers location. r=asuth
8d8c6cf162ed012864c0c6cc1ecc6159f57c066aBen Kelly — Bug 1430139 P3 Remove workers namespace from service worker code. r=asuth
cd4560fcb5548c0594d56193f5effc1de9ba7d2dBen Kelly — Bug 1430139 P2 Make the tree compile again after moving the code to dom/serviceworkers. r=asuth
5cbdc4e31b0f42029113f1f4bde8d8a6d31a6475Ben Kelly — Bug 1430139 P1 Move code, tests, and rules to dom/serviceworkers. r=asuth