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Fri Dec 11 19:53:22 2015 +0000
412e32773fbf36ba8f6ccca4247890204bf7880aBen Kelly — Bug 1226443 P6 Ignore update() called during top level service worker script evaluation. r=ehsan
5be379df35f17161d004bd830c4e616f89f2984cBen Kelly — Bug 1226443 P5 Always use first scheduled update timer instead of rescheduling on new events. r=ehsan
9234f07a413ae38bcae7c51708733ae8f79eb328Ben Kelly — Bug 1226443 P4 Cleanup ServiceWorkerScriptCache objects when initialization fails. r=ehsan
cd2dccbea6d5448c3ef570fd898782b3764e2137Ben Kelly — Bug 1226443 P3 Re-enable service worker update wpt tests. r=ehsan
d5c858f08b9d9db0e2c947c85e33a14adb2662a7Ben Kelly — Bug 1226443 P2 Make service worker fetch and functional events used scheduled timer updates. r=ehsan
e13c56cfb1fc0f5ed92c14227040a646e09f0f70Ben Kelly — Bug 1226443 P1 Add a timer based mechanism for firing service worker updates. r=ehsan
e0601cbf175f8bd6e18e643b272cf68242ccc0dbBen Kelly — Bug 1227015 P8 Disable ServiceWorkerGlobalScope/update.https.html due to races. r=ehsan
8d7a3934b955b68d35a6a4a3178a8ae693e2b1eeBen Kelly — Bug 1227015 P7 Supress unused ErrorResult exception if the worker runnable failed to dispatch. r=catalinb
3632028dfc0c55cb2b897bb284a4a0f82bf82bfaBen Kelly — Bug 1227015 P6 Abort updates if the script spec has changed. r=ehsan
2834622813f8bab158970d0fcfcc5ea5188a6c9eBen Kelly — Bug 1227015 P5 Remove ServiceWorkerRegistrationInfo mScriptSpec. r=ehsan
d24d444fcec1c8e8e9acf2252b5cb679f1fb3538Ben Kelly — Bug 1227015 P4 Make register job always require an explicit script spec. r=ehsan
066ffdf89e63bf96b5dc5cbc974cff36275d6979Ben Kelly — Bug 1227015 P3 Require a script spec on install jobs. r=ehsan
1ebdba6df716d7c49457915aa3ec7bd4207b84c5Ben Kelly — Bug 1227015 P2 Move mScriptSpec from registration job into script job base. r=ehsan
51d23f0cb661b264a79c789fabaf156d74f03cfeBen Kelly — Bug 1227015 P1 Create ServiceWorkerScriptJobBase as parent class to register and install jobs. r=ehsan