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Wed Apr 22 15:53:40 2015 +0000
b9a594d013bd9240a323f2899fe061f3781bdbebSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1156662 - Identical code for different branches. r=bz
2358baee24c81bdc8f2fbb17a6bc788a9a45a3e7Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1156621 - Don't assume --without-system-nspr. r=glandium
cbff6b4623dbbfe76e4739ed02b35129245228dbAleksandar Zlicic — Bug 1156365 - IonMonkey MIPS: Fix build failure on MIPS; rename Registers::code() to Registers::Encoding(). r=rankov
89e5f92e26d71f5b5c24a2942999eaafaf622019Ben Turner — Bug 1155634 - Move ConnectionPool creation closer to where we actually use it and at a point guaranteed to be after QuotaManager has been started. r=khuey
78aab1149276bd155c64e4216bd12d561abe3372Daniel Stenberg — Bug 1154426 - Ignore gzip problems if only soft-enforcing. r=mcmanus
c214d74afc787e5557d8c1c02aba3e92bc942690Blake Kaplan — Bug 1153977 - Make the spellchecker's constructor async. r=billm
cc61b087dfb1288df7b089b982c70cffb2deb118Dave Hunt — Bug 1145680 - [mozbase] Add reboot, move, copy, and info methods to r=bclary