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Fri Jan 05 19:53:06 2018 +0000
f5ed4ddcc51299bd4de3803d2c3bd227d7606f22Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1426525 part 5. Remove the 'ref' getter/setter on XULElement. r=smaug
cb168f6a6bfd465f80dbacc30e5daa8aa3fc2561Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1426525 part 4. Remove uses of 'ref' in XUL trees. r=gijs
c9fad2f644485a0508a00985ac27c16ef1013e80Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1426525 part 3. Remove the special-casing of the 'ref' attribute in CanBroadcast. r=smaug
07e377e19c7d462a4dc2e674e0163a400b3a572dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1426525 part 2. Remove the now-nearly-unused XULDocument::GetElementsForID method. r=smaug
c713ef0ecf0966e392acd6fe6d790c8844b70ec5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1426525 part 1. Remove XULDocument's mRefMap member, since there should be no XUL elements with 'ref' attributes anymore. r=smaug