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Tue Oct 29 21:34:24 2019 +0000
25bf8e097e604cca2842af6754c2c1698db5618aDan Minor — Bug 1543622 - Make number of channels out param of GetAudioFrame; r=pehrsons
4139bfe5e7f9aa17ce899eaa344630ad803e2a30Emma Malysz — Bug 1591588, remove ComputeIndexOf call and negative index check from within GetWholeText r=bzbarsky
5c3b985f3b7181c25200c789829b6d7d1fbd6682Itiel — Bug 1588818 - Cleanup .float-right from aboutCompat.css r=miketaylr
c04ca591730342cf46b0a9d167939242b2a1d5a2Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1589461, bug 1589447) for wpt failures on report-only-in-meta.sub.html
270ccc6de9ad96a0db3398e7a8d697fd6bf8247dMark Banner — Bug 1577733 - Change SearchService's _searchOrder to reference engines by ascii identifier instead of display names for the modern config. r=mikedeboer" -a
ba7a039edd596bfb47b4e1cdddfee0472527d5fdMark Banner — Bug 1577733 - Change SearchService's _searchDefault/_searchPrivateDefault to reference engines by an ascii identifier instead of display names for the modern config. r=mikedeboer
2cea45748c9005d531182f78ec740fb8f6a37cdaMorgan Reschenberg — Bug 1590458: Update HCM telemetry expiry dates r=Jamie.
6a2b2f52d15eec99d18242f08407935b137dbf70Jeff Walden — Bug 1592325 - Fix an unsigned-integer underflow in HashTable.h that's super-easy to trigger using affirmatively wrapping operations. r=froydnj
f77279b36116704bc63db97b0c2906295688a908Henrik Skupin — Bug 1587627 - [marionette] Remove `Anon` and `AnonAttribute` strategies from "WebDriver:FindElement" and "WebDriver:FindElements" command. r=webdriver-reviewers,maja_zf
6731460a1d5c5c23db99e82796050d379e8af862Kashav Madan — Bug 1590774 - Fix shutdown leaks in browser_newWindowDrop.js, r=nika
4a166c30c90de30e3f2baf11a898dbc987dd0af5Kashav Madan — Bug 1578465 - Update fission annotations, r=kmag
39416fcbab2519e2ab116b799a96531d6dbc794fKashav Madan — Bug 1578465 - Fix broken tests, r=kmag,mconley
edf7398d610e504cb914eb9615fcc4eaca5712faKashav Madan — Bug 1578465 - Remove the content-utils.js framescript, r=nika
c467ca3925124a06d1a531a6f127355a0c6627b7Kashav Madan — Bug 1578465 - Make BrowserTestUtils.browserLoaded() Fission-compatiable, r=nika
f2afe0433e87f7220f2d115e43cbfd6d5235fa19zhaogang — Bug 1591058 - Put the memorization of selected location into togglePrettyPrint() . r=davidwalsh
784c94ebc27fb14fc3e00ff2935991158a95a60dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1588194 part 2. Add missing property use counters to Window. r=peterv
cd01e6cc73d86c2ae6d8abd4c04c6238f7d83b19Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1588194 part 1. Factor out the missing property use counter code into helper functions. r=peterv
83c6ab83905cd52c0bf12d00ee2225fd4d7ab3e2Jorg K — Bug 1591677 - Disable test_TelemetryEnvironment.js::test_environmentServicesInfo for Thunderbird. r=chutten
a8d297ad5ac53fd40c1eb6910639745e74dc2c57James Teh — Bug 1415667: Always use OuterDocAccessible for iframes, even if an ARIA table role is specified. r=yzen
cf21b0dd7d7a9a86122ddf7a8cb6d412068b71e8Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1591327 - Quantumbar: Properly limit results to maxResults while taking result spans into account. r=mak
007d3504bb9c8a14ba5f47eace5ee0ea8b48a3d2Itiel — Bug 1590212 - More RTL fixes to the console editor r=nchevobbe
0ce8f56fb4f6af5b6a0cb2f15a9dda478fa0eff6Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) — Bug 1591488 - [Wayland] Only offset the opaque region for normal windows; r=stransky
49b70df625373dbcc67ef99bfe7fa70e965f2f7cOana Pop Rus — Bug 1447586 Disable test_broadcastchannel_close2.html on Android, Linux64 and Mac r=gbrown
afcc8ccd9779c09eeaf8d1c91cf3b6bfe0fb4e08Brian Hackett — Bug 1591824 - Add redirection for arc4random_buf, r=jlast.
d64fe84ce722fe13bc06956abc0474a42ef06473James Willcox — Bug 1589246 - Guard against null notification when closing them on Android r=geckoview-reviewers,droeh
4f023a5eb661107b5eff50c1541d0a180eeeb231Mihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset 86ebbb20ef06 (bug 1585661) for causing lint failures. CLOSED TREE
9650c17fd977fc43e9179980d2929e424ec7e845Henrik Skupin — Bug 1573383 - [firefox-puppeteer] Update docs for PyPI package deprecation. r=webdriver-reviewers,maja_zf a=docs
511496e8dc1c909b924360bb456a6256f89880feChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1592201: Enable test_bug13871.html with fission enabled. r=smaug
86790a64732dfb953b80cea4044434e26266b45cChristian Holler — Bug 1592250 - Disable libFuzzer instrumentation in TSan builds. r=dmajor
c5473827c579c03dcad301897c7c9e7a3b0c251eEdgar Chen — Bug 1554965 - Input event should be composed; r=smaug
86ebbb20ef06f0d27d0bba8d6599b723bec68600Emily Toop — Bug 1585661 - Move geckoview user documentation under mozilla-central. r=agi,nalexander,ahal
331dbc89e3003cfc5510877b601243e6be06be8eCosmin Sabou — Bug 1591785 - add expectations for the-autofocus-attribute/first-when-later-but-before.html. r=jgraham
be22d9dc6a3a0e17c256a1d74c918d0035e21e2aMihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset ca55fba5a3a3 (bug 1592144) for causing node devtools failures. CLOSED TREE
9e324517aced8108d74cf421a199bd60bffd5669Jan Odvarko — Bug 1582589 - Client cert checking fails when CAs differ on server and client certs r=davidwalsh
ca55fba5a3a32ef14112c34bd3026ca073e4f008David Walsh — Bug 1592144 - Only set frame logpoint if frame exists r=nchevobbe
202e520935200bc0ed6da749bc11673244f3089dMarco Bonardo — Bug 1573753 - Copy the urlbar value when pageproxystate is invalid and there's no result. r=adw
45856f355629679c4f8708fe4d1d97027aa58e8dLiang-Heng Chen — Bug 1589509 - add option to disable all feature promotions; r=fluent-reviewers,flod,andreio
700ba27f0550fe0f26a04addde064e3f01ac2f00Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1592226 - Only build 'AbortOrientationPromises' when MOZ_WIDGET_ANDROID is defined r=smaug
65b8ca82b533538569e73334a64633466d26666dRob Wu — Bug 1591924 - Fix test_notifications_permission.html on beta r=tnguyen
02ea163551977ece2ff5250aae289dea50a1301fAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1582637 - Fix devicechange mochitest failing sometimes only (!) and use it also with loopback devices. r=jib
350b2c44853c8f193710cc6c64075666ced06abeAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1582637 - Remove pref to enable devicechange in mochitest since it's enabled by default. r=jib
1d6e2486694894334a22c3b0063e0d0821555e61Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1582637 - Fix minor devicechange mochitest issues. r=jib
d6f3399cc0abc5c4c68e78a0a1f6a8e5b999b19aAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1582637 - Inline MediaDevices' FuzzTimer callback and invert coalescing logic. r=jib
dc65cac4d9fdb5b7602eee22e70b292698a99cacAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1582637 - Reduce devicechange fake event and test timeout times. r=jib
c5d1b1d238f7ac19011e8a34ecfa0561f83cab39Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1582637 - Move internal DeviceChange events to higher order functions. r=jib,achronop
2652d06847e648d4d7036703b01f2bf15a7e9a49Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1582637 - Remove unnecessary MediaEngineWebRTC::mMutex. r=jib
5e4230f6c6097c9811003002377c1c5e8b59bd97Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1582637 - Remove cameras:: from most of MediaEngineWebRTC.cpp. r=jib
bc24be7e8e9cc35dcc5e14b9586296995def7b6eAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1582637 - Inject an already-initialized media thread to the MediaManager ctor. r=jib
d40bb93b5d831bcd3e84316dd285844254bc7ca4Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1582637 - Ensure MediaManager::sSingleton usage is thread safe by guarding it with a mutex. r=jib
1a3bd9fa5ee527dd1d1ae77b6c7e20aac157f1fcSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1592230 - Remove unused variable 'gIDGenerator' r=edgar
dc6e710eed66fb2e5adee79434c9b2d441217983Christian Holler — Bug 1590447 - Fix FTP hang with RETR/STOR. r=michal
8a369fbf2c7bdde914c03a9c4feff18e6241bcb9Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1590093 - Lazy load console components. r=Honza.
85fe7f406f4ee766be2191b5c2c3928d059a8653Tim Nguyen — Bug 1586281 - Fix network monitor resizer in RTL mode. r=Honza
ba8cafef60a8dafb28553b88ddfee7f5499021cbGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1591413 - block context menu in the urlbar view, r=dao
da708729c7b335f8e10f7de6a88456a58f18e6d4Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 3534c1bfbd8e (bug 1590212) as per Itiel`s request. CLOSED TREE
2521937495c4611096a75ac684f77e1dea610ca7Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 79be8382d57a (bug 1587627) for bc failures on browser_all_files_referenced.js . CLOSED TREE
fcf6bfc1c10d478b13802cebb1a74b001248c8d6Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1587079 - disable structured log when using requests.get(...) for Coverity analysis. r=bastien
5b0caada1999c3aea6e438a8ad5bde46ace205e4Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1491811 - Rules: replace custom checkbox with -moz-appearance:checkbox r=fvsch
e58350a47d50d3d8d4488d245a3e9f9080fe752fMichal Novotny — Bug 1589461 - Add network id change event (Android), r=kershaw
abdcdc97cd4c9d3aa3906d9a86cb9dea5f9a29e9Michal Novotny — Bug 1589447 - Add network id change event (linux), r=kershaw
519b6a47aa5c129c6566b5dcd954f0d75d4a091bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591297 - Fix/remove a couple sanitizer tests now that we don't parse -moz-binding. r=hsivonen
5dc1f98435bb24f9bfe8eeabf4a3c2070e85a32eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591297 - Remove -moz-binding, nsStyleDisplay::mBinding and similar. r=hiro
ec8a7fed426d972d24058ba1249a9d44335f5a07Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591297 - Remove XBL binding loading code in the frame constructor. r=TYLin
4a880608ee123842c1e688f6c59a9f900c339055Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591297 - Remove some XBL code in the style system. r=hiro
c765fea2aff669c321370a16a914cb5a49903501Martin Stransky — Bug 1589114 [Watland] Set widget EGL window size for WebRender, r=sotaro
caf41ea01dae1ffcdda35fa9fd22c48cdbd90612Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591282 - Add an easier way to skip tests for debugging in tests_reftests_with_caret.html. r=mats
04e42512e53af9344a6be60335146faa0977c0b3Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591282 - Display carets in the outline list, so that descendant backgrounds don't occlude it. r=mattwoodrow
0c34b1340f43840ddafb442750994f82b3769778Martin Stransky — Bug 1583466 - [Linux] Load policies per user from system, r=mkaply,mossop
8c8611f1f35f0579d8272019927fe55589393607Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591968 - Put window.mozPaintCount behind a default-off pref. r=bzbarsky
f526a659b51ac9e46cb9c8abc1f685e5f9eaf372Marco Bonardo — Bug 1592126 - Disable the megabar redesign until the next design iteration. r=adw
38b7d058a18f91e7c87e8a65d3dc9d0c228d9e8fJon Coppeard — Bug 1591711 - Fix incorrect calculation of non-incremental GC trigger r=allstarschh
eab89b40036603bcd1c4eb06769d436ff66ed367Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1557712: Fix intermittent test failure for test_frameancestors_userpass.html. r=jkt
72d2c01f3bbfbfed901a99923d5a091f8bd37f17Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 7a4cf3982659 (bug 1573710) for mda failures on test_getUserMedia_basicScreenshare. CLOSED TREE
ff0da6e4859ec7282b2f5856b12206380186ce1bJulian Descottes — Bug 1590308 - Add 1s wait and GC before teardown in DAMP inspector custom test r=ochameau
59fc72700a9347cce736bf3f770c644b804a8c1eGlenn Watson — Bug 1592121 - Ensure prim instances in culled clusters are reset. r=nical
f05adbd31552e043baf72befdc5fa92e38819d90Nicolas Silva — Bug 1575734 - Adjust reftest fuzziness for webkit-text-stroke-property-001.html. r=emilio
349580d635e5424a944fc288504cfe3e886f9b30Mark Banner — Bug 1556745 - Enable browser_privatebrowsing_about.js on everything apart from test-verify and fission. r=r1cky
7290b4ea908cb132a0811d6518d2b4288b57fe00Mark Banner — Bug 1592134 - Turn on the display of default private search engine feature for Nightly users only. r=johannh
a17656e52c28146388e23ad0f03508414dd87af0Julian Descottes — Bug 1591410 - Remove unused UnsolicitedPauses constants r=jlast,ochameau
ebcab1293683acba4dc3ef7b2111f843627c7447Julian Descottes — Bug 1591410 - Remove unused root actor traits r=ochameau
bb110f2ff3af4d9292d3f99f51e2d449c9a1f7d0Julian Descottes — Bug 1591410 - Remove devtools/shared/client/deprecated-thread-client.js r=ochameau
79be8382d57a67860918b238e2ddc47043d523eaHenrik Skupin — Bug 1587627 - [marionette] Remove `Anon` and `AnonAttribute` strategies from "WebDriver:FindElement" and "WebDriver:FindElements" command. r=webdriver-reviewers,maja_zf
3ab59c714f29eca25c56f620f5c75f79046b8b0fHenrik Skupin — Bug 1587627 - [fxui] Update firefox-puppeteer for removal of anonymous nodes. r=webdriver-reviewers,maja_zf
1b369258bfad995e2b773e3f1c6ac261af2918a7Bob Owen — Bug 1582372 Part 2: Only clean up Canvas IPC objects when recorder has no stored objects. r=jrmuizel
cf450077b7d306935fc0f8dd1d1343703f501da2Bob Owen — Bug 1582372 Part 1: Ensure recorded texture SurfaceDescriptor is not in map for compositor when texture dies. r=mattwoodrow
5b04d4afe8c7db80bd2025d1ca8c12f964b1778aTim Huang — Bug 1591467 - Add a null check when accessing the actor of the browser host in nsFrameLoader::TryRemoteBrowserInternal(). r=smaug
3534c1bfbd8e84130cdf894b83da50749bebd1c1Itiel — Bug 1590212 - More RTL fixes to the console editor r=nchevobbe
ee250b40876eba948eb7f21bde87701c53f597faJulian Descottes — Bug 1588773 - Move css-selector.js helpers back to DevTools css-logic.js r=pbro
a69208bb8c1a98d14b87a76f56c37863544d9bc8Julian Descottes — Bug 1588773 - Use ContentDOMReference for context menu Inspect Element r=mconley,pbro
59fb6760bb6785a6f8a51be6fc66bf04cfba3e16Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1590984 - Use poll() instead of select() in WebRTC code r=drno
45d661faa4042c92c53670961f900a7ed9c53400Jan de Mooij — Bug 1590120 - Avoid repeated bailouts when MToString is used for jsop_tostring or the ToString intrinsic. r=anba
2ad86db20795ad16575d25bf512c1f0ebb8bd2aeBrian Birtles — Bug 1590971 - Move getAnimations from Document to DocumentOrShadowRoot; r=emilio,baku
fb32c77cd7c75f02ed5f4b0f6bd4889cbf157018Neil Deakin — Bug 1589664, enable the remaining webrtc tests in fission, r=florian
1e2e6de168a1e5c7f57fc439416a197b92cacc60Neil Deakin — Bug 1589664, adapt the webrtc tests to work with fission enabled. Remove the webrtc framescript in favour of calling BrowserTestUtils methods or SpecialPowers.spawn instead, r=florian
fbd39e38bd29efd2888f9aa82930cc975c57696dNeil Deakin — Bug 1589664, add BrowserTestUtils methods to listen to observers in the content process, r=mconley
204fd2cfbfe6547807478da5b1f41096ad4d440dNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1592091 - [Fission] Enable permissions frontend mochitests with fission. r=johannh
e2a1281e7b8e0ed9e4a57e689e65c77114ac7c65Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1591810 - Restore deleted wpt metadata after wpt-sync. r=karlt
7a4cf39826594197b9bff4d988f49d4185ac759bsotaro — Bug 1573710 - Trigger composite after SetParent() r=Gankro
9b2ebbf56577ec44c8c2304564bd003e1ccf0231Oana Pop Rus — Backed out changeset 84d18816918c (bug 1570466) for bc perma failures in browser_protections_report_ui.js on a CLOSED TREE
84d18816918c18b14d05591481d1351765448144Erica Wright — Bug 1570466 - Enhanced Tracking Protection card hides content when some/all protections are off in Custom r=fluent-reviewers,johannh,flod
0ba412a99ed5e79f4ce5ca6c34d67e590c455835Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1588025 - Change an argument to nsContainerFrame* for ConstructAnonymousContentForCanvas. r=jfkthame
b46a40b2287cbb660157bcc4eed53c5ca7e6f012Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1588025 - Make the custom content container a font inflation root. r=emilio
ef141fc2032a11bdaf67cc2aaf9eab7b38e94af5Glenn Watson — Bug 1591534 - Ensure native surfaces are destroyed on renderer deinit. r=kvark
a6be0a8773dbc71ef1f33d67befbec9c4727803bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1591803 - Part 2: Rename nsIPermissionManager.enumerator to all and turn it into an Array; r=johannh
8305d3ae226dac150ae3f1cb531466413ca56901Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1591803 - Part 1: Remove the dead code in NotificationTelemetryService; r=johannh
47376d3ff1a9c23946d1c4fcb9d21608fd8535a3Glenn Watson — Bug 1591524 - Clean up native compositor surfaces that are not retained. r=kvark
6195e2f2a22d4c0533a1a2d56028fa1832a78dd9Arthur Iakab — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1591803) for causing build bustages on XULAlerts.cpp CLOSED TREE
c6da88b9493406757197e33d9abde7984e71a566Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1590922 follow-up: the parts that didn't land in the first landing
7eff50262110d0eab15e7f5ba8fdb5f34073a7d9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1591803 - Part 2: Rename nsIPermissionManager.enumerator to all and turn it into an Array; r=johannh
c0b6f37d24d214bfa50adef249c370b581a6675bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1591803 - Part 1: Remove the dead code in NotificationTelemetryService; r=johannh
ac5c0f03040e60943864da7e1eab39a5ef67e57eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1591746 - Make nsIPermissionManager.getAllForPrincipal() return an Array<> instead of an XPCOM enumerator; r=johannh
14e09f063fa2a3caf66db36b0fca250603c93013Arthur Iakab — Backed out changeset 8c2f5b82f33a (bug 1573753) for causing browser chrome perma failure. CLOSED TREE
347ae69f8681d8b2344834122b583bc5850bfcdbArthur Iakab — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1590249) for causing a spike in webgl crashes. CLOSED TREE
b70aa06f74d54f7aea1aec723975a414f7072ed7Daosheng Mu — Bug 1565268 - Part 2: Removing mDisplayName/Id from VRDisplay. r=kip
4d18e8024acf3c695ffab1b076f49d32654a8ab9Daosheng Mu — Bug 1565268 - Recovering VRDisplay status after VRService is shutdown. r=kip,jgilbert
15234f683370baca9a160c44b1cc280214b01045Jason Laster — Bug 1580165 - fix selected node for console; r=nchevobbe
0199ecf6c90bec82568f05006b998b5c2aa88281Logan Smyth — Bug 1570178 - Part 5: Remove reference to 'live' when checking for hooks. r=jimb
e4fcbd01d9949a0bed6bee7bfeef2cf522676e2aLogan Smyth — Bug 1570178 - Part 4: Support setting onPop when the frame is not live. r=jimb
912fb103b6e08fe83ba6263574310f9b9a2d0da2Logan Smyth — Bug 1570178 - Part 3: Support setting onStep when the frame is not live. r=jimb
caf2d51b0a9d1bcd98a3f6b860cf9d3bd1dcb410Logan Smyth — Bug 1570178 - Part 2: Stop using the presence of onStep as a flag for stepper increment. r=jimb
b012a86d3d86d8c729e43c12d14d38938ab74fa3Logan Smyth — Bug 1570178 - Part 1: Remove failure possibility from decrementStepperCount. r=jimb
4f2ad8907c9eab2f1a4d2de2a42be84948bdd28cDzmitry Malyshau — Bug 1570736 - Blocklist WR swizzling on HD3000 r=jrmuizel
4938d59bdfac24a42e783eed36894418e200896eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1214364 part 4. Only output full-featured Init methods for dictionaries that need them. r=peterv
f44823eeed6eecc8066a221bf21fd552e892692fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1214364 part 3. Only output ToObjectInternal methods for dictionaries that need it. r=peterv
cbc214ea08f34c8193f808c978e5eac27d8b81eeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1214364 part 2. Remove the dead code around MethodNotNewObjectError. r=peterv
22ca446987dc3734e2adf014b32fb49145a6d1e1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1214364 part 1. Only output conversions to/from JSON for dictionaries that need it. r=peterv
7a0d7c5c5fad8c96399c921037c097ba67452b38Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591132 - Use an atomic bool for Checker::mIsWritable. r=froydnj
25ded18e0a55885ca38fa1aaeb0994bfeecd6730Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591132 - Make it easy to switch on and off these assertions in different build configurations. r=froydnj
c6cd0b11f18d7ddd7b52d86cb276f7aa5afd8ac6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591132 - Remove some useless ifdefs. r=froydnj
761eaa4c4f6384a2a036e2ed685a2ecd073012a3Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591132 - Make hashtable checker use MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT. r=froydnj
a09c768d2dc0649a82c15788e5a33052616d7f16Oana Pop Rus — Backed out changeset 8799781bbf34 (bug 1591761) for causing mass test failures. on a CLOSED TREE
88d98643f874655565c32847817b487f0c6509baOana Pop Rus — Backed out changeset ce39fc80bb5b (bug 1591209) due to perf/memory regressions at tcampbell request.
352456f7936a8e97d1cc695bedb7382f7227350fAaron Klotz — Bug 1592120: Add flag to Authenticode::GetBinaryOrgName to skip trust verification and use it in untrusted modules processing; r=mhowell
8799781bbf3490a6f8c58c7de511dac360be6bb5Alexander J. Vincent — Bug 1591761 - parseXULToFragment should throw a clearer exception for non-well-formed markup. r=bgrins
f08666f700cc9d64a9b9492e144dedf437ac3b05Anshul — Bug 1590811 - Better align the breakpoint icon and change hover effects.
3e3c05f82262d1c9c44ff5931c9ce2b74d5e5beeNathan Froyd — Bug 1584296 - add C++17 bits to fake compiler definitions in; r=glandium
b20faccc433659fe4b2fb2e27f0a2f36dfb0276eErica Wright — Bug 1585184 - Migrate users from custom to standard if their settings exactly match r=johannh
14f24bdc00d05b6c4f2e833085621b2b1cd67876jaril — Bug 1581245 - Add a frame timeline to web replay
18f60bc21ff84e75c3b413cd2fcf2d357910c338Chun-Min Chang — Bug 1590890 - Disable bindgen when building coreaudio-sys. r=glandium
8c2f5b82f33ab1d6c94f1d978659519881b5559cMarco Bonardo — Bug 1573753 - Copy the urlbar value when pageproxystate is invalid and there's no result. r=adw
2d821f7566485c62eb26fc374320ed836b41c889Olli Pettay — Bug 1586750, don't compile event handlers on unloaded windows r=peterv
90a75d99806846c79ddd82d99afcf2152474c4f9Liang-Heng Chen — Bug 1590124 - extend `expires_in_version` of `networking.data_transferred_v3_kb` and `HTTP_TRAFFIC_ANALYSIS_3`; r=chutten
51c14691f8e7b7577905b2fa77e340fdaf338ec8Tomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1591736 - Fix AddonManagerWebAPI::IsAPIEnabled in out-of-process iframes r=mixedpuppy
da9cbdbdfcbf74ba8f995e54803ab9fcfd1b3552Glenn Watson — Bug 1591527 - Integrate partial repainting with OS compositor surfaces. r=kvark,mstange
3b5259a9610b2946f5af7558bd0e64408185a71eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1590779 - Remove social-tracking-protection-digest256 in preferences and GeckoView; r=englehardt,droeh
48e321aab986939c3d6d8ae754d5ba8c0cea2941Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1589154 - Replace base-track-digest256 in urlclassifier.trackingTable; r=englehardt
6b0a3059d313caa54bb34179f80430201859596cMike Conley — Bug 1588002 - Make sure to remove every nsIDOMMozWakeLockListener added by browser_media_wakelock.js even if a notification is not seen. r=alwu
fee677cef07295ce781b6d5a11221aefb474fb97Matthew Gregan — Bug 1590249 - Fix media/audioipc/ when run on Windows. r=chunmin
a132b59ed5047ed7e52ebde153295e0567a5e2bcMatthew Gregan — Bug 1590249 - Enable AudioIPC on Windows in Nightly builds. r=chunmin
de81b51cea0a0a75a27218454ef202effdd3f507Alexander J. Vincent — Bug 1476659, remove invertSelection from mozilla-central, r=NeilDeakin
c649a8137896898d83b26df0c2e66c2ef7b0f405Matt Brandt — Bug 1592072 - [iris firefox] Update Taskcluster to the latest rev in iris_firefox
c1a405056197a7d2334290e86e618eccadd0dfd5Jonathan Kew — Bug 1588788 - Pass the correct variation settings to harfbuzz shaping, including any derived from font-weight/-stretch/-style properties. r=lsalzman
d7210449434ea33da01064a6361da478223b9d82Gabriel Luong — Bug 1578745 - Introduce a preference to enable fission frame inspection in DevTools. r=nchevobbe
cf1312ddddd2b67517d8dca2f59dc933cde0d99fKagami Sascha Rosylight — Bug 1591849 - Support [Pure] for stringifier attributes r=bzbarsky
7e056a6f4792bac214531647fdfaac1443b2c4e2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1591491. Add more use of FakeString::ShareOrDependUpon. r=froydnj
4697bcd0537b211a8e5849743a77e9ec7e1a7679Glenn Watson — Bug 1591837 - Support specification of FBO id in native compositor interface. r=mstange
ff061f8b961218d20e3c0a17bd7d4c880021c442prathiksha — Bug 1563355 - Handle exceptionDialogButton click on certerror pages in AboutNetErrorhandler.jsm. r=johannh
6c9935e3e8eb2b3953420d4d23f1beb3ec0cbf3fprathiksha — Bug 1563355 - Remove AboutNetErrorResetPreferences and use RPM in aboutNetError.js to communicate with AboutNetErrorHandler. r=johannh
3d9014a0e136b5ab861ffef0d6516686c701c79eprathiksha — Bug 1563355 - Remove AboutNetErrorSetAutomatic and use RPM in aboutNetError.js to communicate with AboutNetErrorHandler.jsm. r=johannh
7ff2a34b51573d1e6a1edce727472746156ca7a4Arthur Iakab — Backed out changeset 42823d984687 (bug 1580165) for causing devtools failures on browser_toolbox_remoteness_change.js. CLOSED TREE
8b42cb221d11f2137e19cb8f4506ec0f8daeededLuca Greco — Bug 1586973 - Fix typo in Telemetry assertEvents filter parameter used by browser_interaction_telemetry.js. r=mixedpuppy
7bdd8b2e2e67efd0d3c6e30a7c4ebad57ec6d09eOlli Pettay — Bug 1396309, try to make file_fragment_handling_during_load.html less racy, r=peterv
011a4f15afe9911e25da1850e83ced5a55f1462dArthur Iakab — Bug 1591865 - enable test on fission because it is fixed. a=test-only CLOSED TREE
d33a6058d98bb3508d237525e15bcb992e9e9315Arthur Iakab — Backed out changeset 94a89e567444 (bug 1578745) for causing multiple devtools failures on browser_dbg-inline-preview.js. CLOSED TREE
d06b8a3a4cf7bc930025714a5b274294b901a33bArthur Iakab — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1591803) for causing build busatges on PermissionManager.idl. CLOSED TREE
58527612bae7e266dc6bff0f9b7298304b3899a1Glenn Watson — Bug 1591223 - Tidy up the WR renderer options for partial present and native compositing. r=kvark
71b7b4ca7993d46b37960b7d2346bb17eb848595Sorin Davidoi — Bug 1580323 - test(browser_dbg-quick-open): Remove timeouts
060f159fa43d25021c43a009b1ee26c50813d765Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1591803 - Part 2: Rename nsIPermissionManager.enumerator to all and turn it into an Array; r=johannh
b53a3d8c408d5be75b6a7ad94a07bdb711270793Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1591803 - Part 1: Remove the dead code in NotificationTelemetryService; r=johannh
954e66020e317cb5e56f12620ff8821ffb9e7e94David Walsh — Bug 1590594 - Properly reflect skipping state within the debugger server r=jlast
42823d984687e747ee90d83ec9e5f021f851ac79Jason Laster — Bug 1580165 - fix selected node for console; r=nchevobbe
45cbce9130106080454b087bb374bd63da1cd116Imanol Fernandez — Bug 1591949 - Update VRManager VRShmem if it's not ready after calling OpenShmem on Android r=kip,rbarker
401fe1200b7fe74cc1c9cbf5d9da0a1d028411f2Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1587927 - Check Services.logins.uiBusy in doAutocompleteSearch. r=sfoster
40d1c4f9b9fb812245e646358c1b42ecf5054f13Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1591865: Make browser_cross_process_csp_inheritance.js work with fission enabled. r=mccr8
8d320c73dc9b97d461c21cc80334cd34f45e85a3Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1591330 - Remove LongStringClient. r=jdescottes.
7999647b29efcb564e58197a9bf2afbf541645b1Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1450977 - Remove old LongStringActor. r=ochameau.
1538b48045546846504b4b815898eb5793966c90Itiel — Bug 1588367 - Convert all relevant uses of float: right/left to logical properties on toolkit/ r=ntim
fe4cd6e7034f742b6cd34c27cca3fe1c070a70c3Itiel — Bug 1588367 - Convert all relevant uses of float: right/left to logical properties on devtools/ r=pbro
75a081ab28469b365d373fe39e5758ed07847b67Itiel — Bug 1588367 - Convert all relevant uses of float: right/left to logical properties on browser/ r=johannh,MattN
62f3b6723ca5b1c00ca995df6b3f9d60639b63a0Jim Blandy — Bug 1590589: Remove stray references to 'enabled' debuggers. r=jlast
94a89e567444c67a68d4e237356f0a6c85461857Gabriel Luong — Bug 1578745 - Introduce a preference to enable fission frame inspection in DevTools. r=nchevobbe
6db64ff6f63b52347f6f088878f1a68666904822Kai Engert — Bug 1591887 - NSPR_4_24_BETA1. r=jcj
e7377220a5ad237fe67bca8edfc5f04588435870Ted Campbell — Bug 1592051 - Mark GCCellPtr as JS_HAZ_GC_POINTER. r=sfink
5e3be99c031746823207c77c080ba83f1d25492fTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1591546 Part 2 - Add WritingMode::IsPhysicalRTL(). r=jfkthame
4948888357be78807a9a0be9af1d11e894af92c5Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1591546 Part 1 - Add WritingMode::IsBidiRTL(). r=jfkthame
b4c675546853f1ad3a74ed1ba8cd7d61a521ee95Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1580385 - Remove meta files for two writing-mode tests. r=dholbert
9fbcda0c9722386650a78ec1ee3d2427946fa9a2Liang-Heng Chen — Bug 1588706 - merge content blocking events and set doorhanger priority; r=johannh
aec2718b33a4cfad83c95c66310e50dc60298292Liang-Heng Chen — Bug 1590442 - make ASRouter trigger.params support bitwise values; r=k88hudson
c65ef27b6fc78ec5140068913209bad3b55f1139Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591712 - Remove useless OwnerDoc() checks in MediaPlayackDelayPolicy. r=alwu
bb62609416c8981592cd5a39d8b8654964b918ecJan de Mooij — Bug 1591923 - Remove some dead code for cooperative contexts from XPConnect, XPCOM and JSAPI. r=mccr8
bbd49f460213524f5d956f7236a480a48b078c10Dan Minor — Bug 1380786 - Remove WebrtcTelemetry and associated code; r=chutten
e2536fbffa1551b71f13a0cf54329da0d54c83d5Dan Minor — Bug 1380786 - Remove ICE candidate telemetry; r=bwc
949ac9ffd9d9cd8f9494d9cbb9a26e7735687bb2Andreea Pavel — Bug 1588284 - disable test_ext_web_accessible_resources.html on fission r=mccr8
992b39c412120b248fa6250b907b41f8f7353318André Bargull — Bug 1590731: Don't read past TypedArray indices in megamorphic stubs. r=jandem
ee8f4b063c899660286746573111ac285434ea39Andrew McCreight — Bug 1591447, part 3 - Fix some name shadowing. r=mconley
95c627a860ac8a6a4a66dabda47f6a39023052afAndrew McCreight — Bug 1591447, part 2 - Remove some addContentEventListener arguments in browser_bug1058164.js that aren't needed. r=mconley
49160d42e538aecb97739f31bd64c31fd6b69d96Andrew McCreight — Bug 1591447, part 1 - Copy over and use BrowserTestUtils.addContentEventListener() in browser_bug1058164. r=mconley
475fcff009a34a0da8a9d5c6c368111d15630d68John Dai — Bug 1589027 - Fix object.tabIndex should return 0 by default; r=smaug
e9d320ca0b5a8e345bbdf529a2f40640f7c76a1eBrian Hackett — Bug 1591108 - Don't prompt for connection when using ToolboxTask, r=ochameau.
317bf7c3f39c430df31837f3ccf9abf85413cebdgfmcknight — Bug 1405031 - Add middle-click and click modifiers to browserAction r=robwu,Gijs
341b328081be7061d6918841abd33dd3fef828f0Andreea Pavel — Bug 1538602 - disable browser_autoplay_blocked.js on all platforms r=gbrown
a7a46c0605353416a10bdfd42437c222b31cfcd4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1577058 - part 3: Make test_scroll_per_page.html compute editing host height which needs to be too tall than the viewport with actual documentElement height r=smaug
91a3d8c654aec47605dc8ba93a6f4e9c9d3e37cbMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1577058 - part 2: Make `nsFrameSelection::CommonPageMove()` handle `nsFrameSelection::ScrollSelectionIntoView()` too r=smaug
33638cab50d210e2f9f2d8b67d00d78d63c0fe65Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1577058 - part 1: `nsFrameSelection::CommonPageMove()` should use page scroll amount if there is a scrollable element rather than height of click target r=smaug
8abc667b6b63f2d095b45472ac79ab9e1313f3bbGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1490745 - ensure we wait for the actual test page to finish loading, r=mconley
c84e0946e319eddcf27908ed62c1850287d430acCiure Andrei — Backed out changeset bdf7eea3d230 (bug 1585184) for failing test_browserGlue_migration_social_cleanup.js xpcshell CLOSED TREE
08f79829f9f22e52cc4a943ff7f7c7758369283bToshihito Kikuchi — Bug 1572788 - Make nsXULAppInfo::GetUserCanElevate reuse GetElevationType. r=aklotz
17e43e854a153904d3fa7501c6049fb6866c2c80Mihai Alexandru Michis — Bug 1581657 - Disable ContentBlockingControllerTest.getLog() on Android 7.0 debug. r=gbrown
d48c19be70fea3f669d456f1f8920a8096c8ae00Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 0a516296693b (bug 1590093) for causing browser_jsterm_selfxss.js to permafail CLOSED TREE
d0ec18faae87d1ec52e6ed73f9e9dd3da760935dNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1591934 - Enable browser_trackingUI_shield_visibility.js in fission. r=johannh
44d87ccdfa106e6f998b64cea35c45dcc7966f69Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1583496 create a subtest name on success to match the subtest for unhandled exception r=jgraham
26c832d5eb5017689c4d3f98e511a099783f975eMaja Frydrychowicz — Bug 1591216 - Minor corrections to Remote Agent documentation; r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
53503b5f0c04ced307b4c6df235d462fefca0abdMaja Frydrychowicz — Bug 1591216 - Sync vendored puppeteer to v2.0.0; r=remote-protocol-reviewers,ato
bdf7eea3d2307c76f05944783fc7592c5d8fcd45Erica Wright — Bug 1585184 - Migrate users from custom to standard if their settings exactly match r=johannh
ecc9cefef68de7ba316fb8d63848e907f649a801James Jahns — Bug 1576918 - Port PageStyle actor to JSWindowActors for Fission compatibility. r=mconley,Gijs
8ebcde6a7778fdd450b948f59992f7295c6b9ff7Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1567889 - Part 3: Cleanup will change budgeting r=mattwoodrow
fe519c374527de57c16f06d1b01611c4ce0c4bf6Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1567889 - Part 2: Avoid will-change budget lookups if the frame does not have the will-change bit set r=mattwoodrow
7534c2a4a2d17f9b6412865226b45d3272884581Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1567889 - Part 1: Improve const correctness for some bool getters/setters r=mattwoodrow
36b3dc6256ff193525c7419fd470ff39d05be2f4Razvan Maries — Backed out changeset e48111fd8ea2 (bug 1586189) as per Tom's request. CLOSED TREE
54522f14e545aca40e3fcc7053cd8eec872779cfMirko Brodesser — Bug 1587433: part 2) Correct some comments and declare some variables const. r=smaug
6fb8992a595f6abb5ac753d1e1d3de8eef395b6bMirko Brodesser — Bug 1587433: part 1) Slightly refactor `nsRange::CharacterDataChanged` in order to make it understanable. r=smaug
f4af5b4f9d59f6d6cc0f3f09b27f7af9d6b94b98Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1591813 - Make nsICookieManager.getCookiesFromHost() return an Array<nsICookie>; r=baku
19e5b7c6495081e8f23aa86a5af8e94f22c46c92Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1591812 - Make nsICookieManager.getCookiesWithOriginAttributes() return an Array<nsICookie>; r=baku
ad9823992787b1fb9b1bef63ea45f861302d3775Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1591823 - Part 2: Switch nsIComponentRegistrar.enumerateContractIDs away from using nsISimpleEnumerator; r=froydnj
a19812b757a11e69d49e3dcfc89731aa1eff8fbdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1591823 - Part 1: Remove the unused nsIComponentRegistrar.enumerateCIDs() method; r=froydnj
e48111fd8ea2d1073bdb4002722ec33ed2cc3f76Simon Giesecke — Bug 1586189 - Re-implement waitForMessage based on waitForContentEvent. r=mccr8
0a516296693bb8b221744bae054419be6f2510c2Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1590093 - Lazy load console components. r=Honza.
9ff3dabd8559c85ec4e535dbcc306651135cfb18Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1578138 - Retrieve cached messages before setting new messages event listeners. r=Honza.
e9eb829d40fcf5d87360b26a3451c345e3406c42Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1591195 - [lint.shellcheck] Ensure shellcheck subprocess output is returned as text, r=sylvestre
19b722a21f79fdae2d818a0fd2bfca3063e3e486ffxbld — No Bug, mozilla-central repo-update HSTS HPKP remote-settings tld-suffixes - a=repo-update r=RyanVM
6dcd901da6317e7b924187acc6d1a6a7d8de2546Brian Hackett — Bug 1584538 - Allow debug environment proxy to access aliased module variables after the module script executes, r=jonco.
9c952f1da6fac18f70296d84e03b576c720d0448Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1590922 - Fix parsing the blocklist in nsContentUtils::IsURIInList(); r=baku
ae7777acefd86c1f54733837fd26685ef8cf5cd3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1591738 - Fix a few leaks in VariableLengthPrefixSet under OOM conditions; r=dimi
0ec9e4f71228e0cdc4bcb325fe9095ede13df7d5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1589407 - Part 2: Ensure that document.referrer sees the same URL as what we send in the Referer HTTP header per the ETP restrictions; r=tnguyen,baku
2df29a2401a9d8ff31048dbf75898f964143c5f6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1589407 - Part 1: Avoid calling nsPermissionManager::GetAllForPrincipal() if no permissions are available in the current process; r=baku
dfd6ce03d9644e62eeee5e834d76163a250e0869Edgar Chen — Bug 1586772 - Enable test_bug907892.html on Fission; r=smaug
4fc7e9873a39f47b5a1e0f32c3263e655304d25dEdgar Chen — Bug 1587062 - Move SandboxFlags from DocShell to BrowsingContext; r=smaug
a670c36d436e0e9b4f4197f08095fbbe733edb53Mustafa — Bug 1586880 - fix custom request header hight and scroll bug, r=fvsch
98470c1a958cac97bc1dc119d4438e35438b9622Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1332689 - Remove clang 3.9 compat code for the clang-plugin. r=andi
88ad4b97fe782802680d2d4ba83f46042cd82b1eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1332689 - Remove clang 3.8 compat code. r=andi
41c193d53b6421736a1c2c1b597a1c4600008935Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591493 - Clang plugin should work with distributed builds. r=andi
43fde8f97bb5971bc8d0efda59fb02a663d05bafCosmin Sabou — Bug 1559028 - Update expectations for default-reader.any.sharedworker.html cause it's now fixed in Bug 1591400. r=jgraham
f9e3c13826e782712245ac0f4a72fedbf6542220David Burns — Bug 1591400: Have Testharness.js handle errors that do not have a reason property. r=jgraham
7a5e795ba3582f2712ce859a409e994063c1e429Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 26eaf3f0479b (bug 1590641) for causing Spidermonkey bustages CLOSED TREE
78a05a2d087f27fd691c6f8f6f127fe0d479e3ccTim Huang — Bug 1591049 - Fix the misplacement issue of the tracking protection icon when setting the system text size to 125% on Windows. r=johannh
3a810992e82a9012d74202a9dedced5ae53c4a27ffxbld — No Bug, taskcluster/docker/funsize-update-generator pipfile-update. r=sfraser
40d13b1dab183bd7821f6dcc091a79bcfc93b5c5Thomas Nguyen — Bug 1590321 - Rewrite browser_test_referrer_loadInOtherProcess.js to work with fission enabled r=ckerschb
26eaf3f0479b535b44156377ab328c79b48237acJan de Mooij — Bug 1590641 - Test external string sizes in byteSize-of-string.js. r=jwalden
6b060ea2dc5fdebae8a3238946f6d6ea97e9fc10Julian Descottes — Bug 1591407 - Remove unused devtools/shared/client/event-source.js r=nchevobbe
78b0791bfb15f58056eec4202b4708cc98490714Julian Descottes — Bug 1590050 - Preserve markup view selection in iframes after reload r=rcaliman,gl
8a9767a9ed77a8b360cfb79518ff99e48cef2966Julian Descottes — Bug 1590050 - Walker findNodeFront should use selectors relevant to its rootNode r=rcaliman
35bb8f4411e5c96f1bb52ca20f7f54016b48d157Julian Descottes — Bug 1590050 - Move findNodeFront helper to walker front r=gl
3354b8426f38541657ce8efd2c957066a0969859Julian Descottes — Bug 1590050 - Extract DevTools walker fronts & specs to dedicated files r=gl
ae22a3ec0397b00a50064359a9d74d964f5e707dDimiDL — Bug 1512937 - P2. Do not generate an extra framgment for URLs without a path. r=gcp
a3d9db5ef4e282248a2b9ccb368caeacf2f12b7bDimiDL — Bug 1512937 - P1. Change the #include order in the Safe Browsing gtest. r=gcp
5aa41cf3904b1fbc2143149c1fd892e17466c18fAndreea Pavel — Bug 1495002 - disable new_session/ and new_session/ on linux ccov debug for frequent failures r=whimboo
ffa61693345b918b0f6c2f2243dc36f194a0fdbeCosmin Sabou — Bug 1586411 - Disable test_different_domain_in_hierarchy.html on fission for frequent crashes. r=kmag
92c04767a1a46ece442edfa36f11667df000748bZhao Jiazhong — Bug 1591858 - [MIPS] Add support of load64 and store64 for BaseIndex values as parameters. r=jandem
0670f00093b2e0e334f759eb2cd035be9e6707d3Henri Sivonen — Bug 1590143 - Update encoding_c and encoding_c_mem. r=m_kato
85def5e9462ee92ba2f5e8ee68494dd7f37d626dNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1591360 - Remove devtools/client/framework/sidebar.js. r=pbro.
5e129785c9664543a48ad07cf6c96aed304671b9Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1519103 - Remove Scratchpad panel. r=bgrins.
9277be3613ca5109ae4007a512ee75856f8f1120sotaro — Bug 1591346 - Remove EGL_ANGLE_experimental_present_path usage with WebRender r=gw
32af5afdcfe30752a0d896e1c9aae10b3f7d3d6eRob Wu — Bug 1589754 - Rename nsGlobalWindowInner::GetTopLevelPrincipal r=Ehsan
ab5b38edece960a497640dea4fe4b91fd6b69b63Rob Wu — Bug 1589754 - Fix permissions.query in top-level document r=tnguyen
48201e9f33381abe1a82ffc95ec38abcc71f4ec4Philip Chimento — Bug 1426865 - Fix formatting of macros in RecordReplay. r=jwalden
104b2ee49a3954b3969212d82c705b37fdacf121Philip Chimento — Bug 1426865 - Add -Wno-attributes to GCC builds. r=jwalden,dmajor
0ae96da6fdb236f70579eb2ca10cbe3cf992aa1fPhilip Chimento — Bug 1426865 - Add default visibility to JSAPI symbols. r=sfink
01c0d41a024b581d3c168ae3501f7e65ea99c550Philip Chimento — Bug 1426865 - Remove JS_BROKEN_GCC_ATTRIBUTE_WARNING. r=sfink
9f67a98b5632aad3adf1afd68183b23b642ebd9bPhilip Chimento — Bug 1426865 - Don't forward-declare JSContext and JSObject in RecordReplay. r=sfink
60e6c61a7f455624b2ef0702d1925f8d8303bb38Glenn Watson — Bug 1590284 - Construct picture cache slices for scroll roots. r=kvark
26b8000a4954f3f9ee7c5b34f10a73843167fb06Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1529824 - Disable browser_aboutdebugging_serviceworker_fetch_flag.js on mac, win debug and linux 64 for frequent failures. r=egao
e2d5b824a63b96b7ae8cb7be23d0c43318b21479Itiel — Bug 1591167 - Force LTR the CSS variables tooltips r=rcaliman
d31698ac05594dddbceba44fa99aebc97e1a8a50Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1336075 - Disable test on mac and windows debug due to frequent failures. r=gbrown
54ceef2175c6aaf1be632f2f8e807f1c48cf3745Cosmin Sabou — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1577058) for causing bug 1541915 to nearly permafail.
c46d79d9d4ae8e4786d6883c2b50a9930dee9a0dRob Wu — Bug 1591114 - test_bug260264.html should await SpecialPowers.testPermission r=smaug
cc7ea5119035faeb9fd28a53abdefa1e52c21ec9Rob Wu — Bug 1591102 - Let some SpecialPowers.pushPermissions callers use promises r=jdm
1d5f3e7514333591327df1c9bb4feb403dc2705fRob Wu — Bug 1591102 - Let SpecialPowers.pushPermissions wait until the permissions have been applied r=jdm
146abee7a64e10f3b5aed0ba5b37ff0191e6a746Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1589629 - update multiple-redirect-https-downgrade-upgrade.tentative.sub.html expectations. r=aryx
602c8d202735e320447a106ca855dc322b426665Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1568816 - update redirect-http-upgrade.tentative.sub.html expectations due to frequent failures. r=aryx
1f96143286cf4dbde7567d74b41d7c7268a9a8adJonathan Kew — Bug 1591726 - Use a local CountUnicodes function in place of calling gr_count_unicode_characters. r=jrmuizel
759e4d3aac3093ca33fde1d8dadf7fc95b51a43dCosmin Sabou — Bug 1533681 - Disable browser_siteData.js on win and mac debug. r=gbrown
956451c71574bec00e8dbf8a0b507e9fd28711e5Alex Henrie — Bug 1591490 - Use the NS_IS_SURROGATE_PAIR macro everywhere. r=Ehsan
69f9b16a76be90025457aa38645c3252420e8e1fMarkus Stange — Bug 1591752 - FFI for WebRender OS compositor integration: Create WrCompositor struct which implements the webrender::Compositor trait and calls through to virtual methods on RenderCompositor. r=sotaro
c556c522813239e87b566bb4d1e572efb52bdcafMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1577058 - part 2: Make `nsFrameSelection::CommonPageMove()` handle `nsFrameSelection::ScrollSelectionIntoView()` too r=smaug
d00a7e091efdc569c534ea3728f1a626507ffa28Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1577058 - part 1: `nsFrameSelection::CommonPageMove()` should use page scroll amount if there is a scrollable element rather than height of click target r=smaug
67df5a390da4d47be169c54f4af7674722a6d1d9Mihai Alexandru Michis — Merge mozilla-central to autoland.
51a716d8967713687defb9173047adeab92d2e29Mihai Alexandru Michis — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
8d30710883b727351ea87d038bbbbdc82f5a4ceeMichal Novotny — Bug 1583735 - Find out why accessing mmaped JAR file generates SIGBUS, r=gcp,aklotz
0acdd7188d1487546e2f6c96dbd85c7b0c352c26Michal Novotny — Bug 1550815 - Handle SIGBUS error when accessing mmapped file, r=aklotz,haik
8e130f2d480900e87c3a398b7a9f90ba6dfb5ddeEdgar Chen — Bug 1588356 - Store the underlying sandbox object instead of a wrapper to UAWidgetScopeMap; r=bholley
1ec2654d55f86ce7a8677591d25c560a6fd46535Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 8: Update expectations for existing tests. r=botond
068b231e041acb9802e3d128e6b6d7f81566fc91Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 7: Add a test of meta viewport resizing with full zoom. r=botond
855980cca497c2f945aef338528c1f9ee041d51aBrad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 6: Rename an existing RDM zoom test in anticipation of adding related tests. r=botond
99fce0ce537537a9128d0d63970a9bea6dc0198fBrad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 5: Define a helper function for setting RDM zoom and use it in existing tests. r=botond
70c9f888057aea74091f9ec9425f5f1fe54186d8Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 4: Make RDM force the UI ZoomChild Actor to cache its zoom level. r=mconley,gl
0ff7eb5f45fd934800adb4fbd57272621a0846f4Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 3: Make RDM UI save and restore resolution when responding to a full zoom change. r=mtigley
0d1ad0f881d163541c3d01bc0ddc3b89c8a48dc2Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 2: Define and fire an internal event when BrowserChild has finished resizing. r=botond,emilio
4c212479e5caad8c8d5620c0963fb7eff7d1275fBrad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 1: Make nsDocumentViewer send a new event before setting full zoom levels on the pres contexts. r=emilio
3f3c83611ba568212e71167744dce7db2d11c947L. David Baron — Bug 1591622 - Improve BUGZILLA_COMPONENT metadata for web-platform-tests css/ subdirectory. r=emilio
3a9cd5c9bc4f2c1a99ff9533d5432da56d6b40adNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1191130 - [Content Search UI tests] Fix TypeError and add some diagnostic logging. r=adw
97514cd3237ce93aca88458d53643b2ac551128eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1589766 - Experiment with implementing zoom as a transform + transform-origin shorthand. r=xidorn
10eb7fee625f8c09d4af04c37fd44195de7cda10Brian Hackett — Bug 1580839 - Evaluate debugger expressions after connecting with the target, r=jlast.
3e4a80a5878feb04c198c8efbd147ce208083be4Brian Hackett — Bug 1591446 - Use right context when closing project file search, r=jlast.
ed78fc9c93c367c3e4d91aef07f7466195c9308aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1591577 - Make test_area_url_cursor.html more resilient to having the mouse cursor over the image when the test runs.
c93605a1bf03ecefc7644675f2f654ad66bf1fb4Jan Varga — Bug 1591394 - QM: Add more getters to DirectoryLock; r=ttung
adfac78ca4eb2fa1b9783f5fce561a8b6532d4d7Jeff Walden — Bug 1591655 - Remove the unnecessary |proto| argument from |JS::NewPromiseObject| and its callers, seeing as all callers pass |nullptr| (and therefore uniformly request the default prototype). r=jandem,bzbarsky
e12fa7cb7a0a6863d8739f0448d5bd07fc8b7753Andre Natal — Bug 1590368 - Fix for Permafailing build bustage on OnlineSpeechRecognitionService.cpp:220:12: error: variable 'rv' set but not used on Linux x64 opt when Gecko 72 merges to Beta on 2019-12-02 r=smaug
0b9d0a86ebfd89cfb89b8044a72e89ce743aeeeeMakoto Kato — Bug 1453190 - Don't get editing session during destroying docshell. r=masayuki
b5ae1bbf82da527698ab175b092b45468adda361Mike Hommey — Bug 1579761 - Add missing dependencies on .cargo/config. r=mshal
18202ef8a94a6997d1e0934210ad1f12553ff4a6Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1591254 set WorkletNodeEngine input and output span lengths appropriately for zero inputs and outputs r=padenot
d749f5cd89df1338f60a08dde7fe02e36422c28aAndrew McCreight — Bug 1590132 - White list even more things in the pointer events WPT directory. r=aryx
7fc5d10588f9c2b9d7d9ddfbb8f4e219eaf3a860Mark Striemer — Bug 1590780 - Cleanup PiP video listeners when closed r=mconley
ccbd65a92619410ac3314d8750946b3953ece96fBrian Grinstead — Bug 1587142 - Remove most XBL tests in dom/ r=bzbarsky
071fa1586ac50aa444375b273d164cad1809a399Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 6ac8599ebee3 (bug 1583466) for android build bustage at nsXREDirProvider.cpp on a CLOSED TREE
bc70189de0004f410b6e5d8bf287a7eb5500c087Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1238810 - Replace {FXA,WEAVE}_CONFIGURED with entries in the telemetry environment. r=chutten,markh,loines
0c434beb621ce91b46719dce965eefb2a673d202Brian Grinstead — Bug 1587142 - Remove XBL test in devtools/ r=gl
2f9d771a4e4d3e867a38f64186dfd45e1aeabfdbBrian Grinstead — Bug 1587142 - Remove miscellaneous XBL tests r=bzbarsky
93d94f0aa436e87e3c5d51fafeecbd833ac569d3Geoff Brown — Bug 1581157 - Improve gtest completion logging; r=bc
652978346e607e3b90b6a9419e3c98f0682a4ad7Trishul — Bug 1447807 - Error: browser.ownerGlobal is null r=mixedpuppy
a79c10b75aef56cfe3de036677c938b3c11323daAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 10e1c85b13b0 (bug 1583575) for android geckoview failures on a CLOSED TREE
6ac8599ebee396a72254298be21c35781295b42cMartin Stransky — Bug 1583466 - [Linux] Load policies per user from system, r=mkaply,mossop
806f2e4f46549ef08badd634d8bf467160e2a8b1Jared Wein — Bug 1571425 - Add a 'Don't ask again' button to the Sync Options notification bar in about:logins. r=fluent-reviewers,flod
e44ec82f92c9818f7948d2abd654d23159eae7cfJared Wein — Bug 1584524 - Show an Import link on the login-intro view of about:logins. r=MattN,fluent-reviewers
b6f7644d72dafce204750683edf2a0fcf62fadc6Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1587645 Part 2 - Add WritingMode::IsPhysicalLTR(). r=jfkthame
712c3e31d0973065313696223ec9fe2b40f1761dTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1587645 Part 1 - Remove ScrollFrameHelper::GetFrameForDir(). r=emilio
ca923afe3ed48bf4b0749fb0bcb2dcfda84d9c06Chris Manchester — Bug 1591262 - Apply additional patch to clang used for sccache-dist builds. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,dmajor
2bbbcfea1b2ce90b76c4fd0ad222a1cafbe966bfBrendan Dahl — Bug 1590044 - Fix root HTML element attribute persistence. r=smaug
021c0f6e80a8ee30ceb8a5d709058497d063ddfcEdwin Takahashi — Bug 1591257 - remove skiaContent fuzzy condition from dom/html/reftests/autofocus/reftest.list r=gbrown
7e72dcc08ffbe248c1460968268011329b981d49Gerald Squelart — Bug 1540340 - Prevent ProfilerIOInterposeObserver recursive locking - r=gregtatum
f0aabdb3bdb464e04e31c9eaa51b85b4f2a1b225Gerald Squelart — Bug 1540340 - PSMutex can more accurately determine if the current thread owns the lock - r=njn,gregtatum
1bbcb17120eb305e78bd3be7807440b8f436ee6cMike Conley — Bug 1591227 - Enable Picture-in-Picture on Nightly for macOS and Linux GTK. r=mstriemer
019b333ec4552b0bcaefb27f0cb969815cff9b11Sean Feng — Bug 1590709 - Fix crash in TransportSecurityInfo::ReadCertList r=keeler
10e1c85b13b05cfd4c653d4477615dc8fb321cb3Aaron Klotz — Bug 1583575: Retain window size between instances and use it to set the size when opening a new window; r=snorp
01993d1c73d17b096a47efd44fc2231c4e3ca1bfDão Gottwald — Bug 1591486 - Set reduced fill-opacity (the same as used in the identity block) for the search icon in the expanded megabar. r=adw
d9f3f9fa527e73b3ed965636f2232627513125ddCiure Andrei — Backed out 8 changesets (bug 1561227) for causing browser_viewport_resizing_scrollbar.js to permafail CLOSED TREE
89f812b6366f6ca37bc7b88db490b2be66f5742bCiure Andrei — Backed out changeset cb345f708bb2 (bug 1591400) for causing default-reader.any.sharedworker.html wpt to permafail CLOSED TREE
fcce1abc47e1b5a8e1c5ae1cfa495b71516e6efdChris Manchester — Bug 1578493 - Update sccache-dist docs to cover Windows. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,dmajor
f3cc28fb7bf2a43d335c1c43af32c5ce7c5b092cAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset a6ce865567bb (bug 1578493) for lint failure on a CLOSED TREE
a784a715b0062180726029136dbb6aff9adc6763Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1591512 - [moztest.resolve] Fix bug where loaded wpt tests were being overwritten r=automatedtester
a6ce865567bbdc6248c767fa5b11e02561a4f6fcChris Manchester — Bug 1578493 - Update sccache-dist docs to cover Windows. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,dmajor
aa00b1b62ea7c8eae81c69443c9677460a0746e8Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 8: Update expectations for existing tests. r=botond
b22440a67078ea9d3f69c09b0d53d3c041ab1c27Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 7: Add a test of meta viewport resizing with full zoom. r=botond
4776cec83ae857fc90fd0ed4381ee1ac883e64caBrad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 6: Rename an existing RDM zoom test in anticipation of adding related tests. r=botond
ac88bbefb95f63a692ea2859eb5287aa5aa2b576Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 5: Define a helper function for setting RDM zoom and use it in existing tests. r=botond
aef3cfa2f539b005971ad3a82e5a4bc3a87af6e0Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 4: Make RDM force the UI ZoomChild Actor to cache its zoom level. r=mconley,gl
a3759e1a04e2bf02db663d5f4f0d4006c1cad225Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 3: Make RDM UI save and restore resolution when responding to a full zoom change. r=mtigley
cfcf797940499df388b85b0000acf6ef2e1969b4Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 2: Define and fire an internal event when BrowserChild has finished resizing. r=botond,emilio
97be65338edfd0f6f220acaded6502a7f844c4e1Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 1: Make nsDocumentViewer send a new event before setting full zoom levels on the pres contexts. r=emilio
869a61c656cddb76bc6d1122c1fd106f072ca195kriswright — Bug 1591226 - Convert network.http.referer.defaultPolicy.* to static prefs r=njn
079eaf8c45e50a2a51de5899ba4000d11d7aea41kriswright — Bug 1591226 - Convert network.http.referer.XOriginTrimmingPolicy to static pref. r=njn
e8fc2920b08c0ca10442daf4a79ae941a037a75akriswright — Bug 1591226 - Convert network.http.referer.trimmingPolicy to static pref. r=njn
cfc175e24f4ee6347074d0ce664d8ffad7bd811ekriswright — Bug 1591226 - Convert network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy to static pref. r=njn
05a6a47f95404772c65283fcc997235b16741e8akriswright — Bug 1591226 - Convert network.http.referer.referrerLengthLimit to static pref. r=njn
b0aea55adfc32cf13fa71656d0818d149b135086kriswright — Bug 1591226 - Convert network.http.sendRefererHeader to a static pref. r=njn
0c488c215ac2fb1403ce39f23f8f65cb0c656f51kriswright — Bug 1591226 - Convert network.http.referer.hideOnionSource to a static pref. r=njn
2efb727423ddbfe954fb150a7e604df2ed0c5a6ekriswright — Bug 1591226 - Convert network.http.referer.spoofSource to static pref. r=njn
f3e2042c2deb43a1c0788e5799660b39652a81c2Gabriel Luong — Bug 1550804 - Add color scheme simulation to the inspector. r=pbro
7b43858a2cecadc2381596c738cb181be024494fCosmin Sabou — Bug 1564700 - Disable test_bug949946.html on win32 and linux64. r=gbrown
740e4d4bdfff8725438e7234d21f69fc8685cfaeAndreea Pavel — Bug 1588860 - add missing quote r=emilio
d5e149877f35f6a2254edcdccca48a9670f8bbbcEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590722 - Fix a test that I just wrote to handle getting a mouse over event before getting focus.
a7f3501e9f4cdb991ea8202e80196dd96df46aefAndreea Pavel — Bug 1588860 - invert condition in update-the-rendering.html expectancy on a CLOSED TREE r=emilio
88f415af4eaf050fecaf755c3706be3c7d5022f3Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset b5095678aa15 (bug 1591446) for causing debugger-tests node to perma fail CLOSED TREE
1b86072263d1452da2577b6d44b3db61ad9fc780Johann Hofmann — Bug 1590755 - Enable the new certificate viewer everywhere. r=carolina.jimenez.g
fe035a7f97c942a31aa820709a0cc0b64fd8fd11Andreea Pavel — Bug 1588860 - update update-the-rendering.html expectancies r=botond,emilio
94f423368ebdbab66f8622ed32a02dcf88b66168Dana Keeler — bug 1589824 - pass a typed array to OS.File.writeAtomic in certificate export r=Gijs
b5095678aa15de3672c7f98bd1f42ab58c51c9ddBrian Hackett — Bug 1591446 - Use right context when closing project file search, r=jlast.
6b3edf5e5ad09012f755543ea2d15f5cd533607dAndreas Farre — Bug 1575051 - Part 4: Expose JS stack access check control on FindWithName. r=peterv
1fa048a91fb954b76fb8dda94ae172c69bbc23ebAndreas Farre — Bug 1575051 - Part 3: Test that nsWindowWatcher can find windows. r=kmag
e98fdadada245528a25e79b0ab21236bf2fc6794Andreas Farre — Bug 1575051 - Part 2: Look in chrome browsing context group when docshell is missing. r=kmag
93dabea6010a12cd267b1093a4ef096011ed3a2bAndreas Farre — Bug 1575051 - Part 1: Remove nsIDocShellTreeItem.findItemWithName. r=kmag
018aa28cf32f20b3af0a389227b1ba3918eeec79Dave Townsend — Bug 1590180: Remove use of `display: -moz-groupbox` and `-moz-appearance: groupbox` from the page setup dialog. r=dao
be1569bfb0e5ee2640fa2e94a37d64fbecd79632Dana Keeler — bug 1590888 - reinstate filtering of client certificate selection during the TLS handshake r=kjacobs
cf0b83b2948807e14afa9bbae298800b814c1792Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset e69e9a6aa261 (bug 1491811) for failing dt at e.g. browser_inspector_textbox-menu.js on a CLOSED TREE
c038deea18d6eefde5a08d77ac40bb3aa9c68160Johann Hofmann — Bug 1590479 - Reset notification UI state for PopupNotifications doorhangers without checkbox. r=nhnt11
cb345f708bb27ca404b007ac2a41b759e1a3c238David Burns — Bug 1591400: Have Testharness.js handle errors that do not have a reason property. r=jgraham
243d351fefbecf6fb801b260b2c3c06c229dca0fDaosheng Mu — Bug 1586110 - VRManager should only be called in parent process or GPU process. r=kip
88945fc8d6093d6eca103948f4f128f6afc09b0cDão Gottwald — Bug 1591242 - Hide megabar search icon in popups. r=adw
5a546ed4e35fa5bb151335c51b343282113a5101Sam Foster — Bug 1590362 - Prefer matched origin logins when deduping. r=MattN
e69e9a6aa2610da603e511b1e6075926aeb46168Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1491811 - Rules: replace custom checkbox with -moz-appearance:checkbox r=fvsch
cabe240bda921d09d4f6374f59094bb21a87c77aJon Coppeard — Bug 1591338 - Add a JS API to call a object's finalizer r=mccr8
2345817eb7b7c8d4266ad93d99b791c0fc56ec10Coroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset ad44c165c690 (bug 1589407) for browser chrome failures at toolkit/components/antitracking/test/browser/browser_referrerDefaultPolicy.js on a CLOSED TREE
bcaee74697495a3e641aab971aa839e7b8bc2adfPatrick Brosset — Bug 1591340 - Add new code review docs; r=jdescottes
7ee53fe37d4333efdaa72548c1dd0e9271934d5aJames Graham — Bug 1591349 - Only default to --pause-after-test for single testharness tests, r=maja_zf
291ee5d212aa65c0cf097f2dcb63ebd50be299c7Henrik Skupin — Bug 1591341 - [remote] Always close the client connection in add_task() for browser chrome tests. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,maja_zf
ef15949f8c128c461eab4327da4520fecf578e59Chris H-C — Bug 1589390 - Fail the build when trying to add unsupported metrics to GV streaming r=janerik
fa56b8bd5cbdbec3d79f898d0261d76e60ff248dNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1590633 - Remove Reps launchpad. r=Honza.
41922758c989d2ef597ecebef822473add3aa281Geoff Brown — Bug 1591121 - Disable some tests on Android; r=geckoview-reviewers,snorp
ad44c165c69050a02573fbfcb11af7797fc5dc7eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1589407 - Ensure that document.referrer sees the same URL as what we send in the Referer HTTP header per the ETP restrictions; r=tnguyen,baku
deaf4f6c78bae671173edc7becde6f265463a895Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1540903 - Instead of assuming success, do proper error checking; r=asuth
6e89821525dbef7fe33fbe380aaeb6ca1d37756fPhilip Jägenstedt — Bug 1589056 - [mozprofile][mozrunner][mozrunner] bump minor versions r=jgraham
ce39fc80bb5b9060bab9a6ffe3774fbf7153f490Ted Campbell — Bug 1591209 - Add JSFunction::baseScript() accessor. r=jandem
77f62942e8c9b610354549ac5e6fde6d5d101364Ted Campbell — Bug 1589904 - Remove LazyScript::functionNonDelazifying() r=jandem
b415d53def5ddcdede93d26433d1c6c8f98ce489Ted Campbell — Bug 1589904 - Remove LazyScript::functionDelazifying() r=jandem
b6eb1335852342d645e1da3ecec8dee8b707e9a9Ted Campbell — Bug 1589904 - Remove JSScript::functionNonDelazifying() r=jandem
327dacef5a0798007456cf20a9277384f57792caTed Campbell — Bug 1589904 - Remove JSScript::functionDelazifying() r=jandem
fa30ee7c72cd711eba7515d4961dec27747b2bc3Ted Campbell — Bug 1589904 - Remove JSScript::ensureNonLazyCanonicalFunction() r=jandem
9b4e44680b99bdb0a758fbccc5abd82ead08af09Ted Campbell — Bug 1590176 - Ensure canonical function is always delazified first r=jandem
f915da42169e70bdd6711457966620e80f9fa774Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Remove a useless script blocker and comment from BaseHistory. r=mak
2279b41eef85df006fc65d39be37d4dbd8111a36Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Don't remove tracked links from GeckoViewHistory. r=lina
a4947b14d81f9e445e70343327420c0e12edf5deEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Don't re-initialize GeckoViewHistory's visited timer over and over. r=lina
bdbaba80d7a0a185d1244b1a8124c29c56540918Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Cleanup some link coloring APIs to make them infallible when appropriate. r=mak
10c5d5a32f62b543972e04ca75b9efd8626a2b31Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Various naming and comment cleanups, as suggested in review comments. r=mak
ceeff631a71b43578250a5e5b793a9afdfe52c9fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Make GetLinkDocument a static function again. r=mak
b93b7fb6f7f7fc66f945695e0472a85b255d8254Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Move NotifyVisited to BaseHistory. r=mak,lina
f9c5be57dacb238c17bf26bdbc2c4fec1fc173cfEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Move Register and UnregisterVisitedCallback to BaseHistory. r=mak,lina
f18c7c05ffd0d91be2c663d285a28919d106d72cEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Move History::DispatchNotifyVisited and related code to BaseHistory. r=mak,lina
d5c1df050f9fe8fcd81cc0f0c0f3e92e5ee3501fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Introduce mozilla::BaseHistory, and move tracked URIs and a simple function there. r=mak
60601417a73113421f66c338dc4cb9527f3ecce6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Simplify a rather weird ifdef set. r=mak
c340ffe9aa3bee8f733095af07d04bf9ca7b3e4aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Move the tracked URIs hash table to IHistory. r=mak
c0b1c51a4ef38112e097a82b807131e2f82c1a53Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Use the same data structures for GeckoViewHistory and places History. r=mak
c0ca50bb81ce068022cea0a1005c89bdcdde8c80Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Use a more modern hash table for mRecentlyVisitedURI. r=mak
6cab6abf119e885459e30d7d40bff8ea1317fa92Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Marginally cleanup an error case in the history service. r=mak
ae141ea79cb898194884bf477830f6d7d816f1baEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590816 - Improve assertions in history service. r=mak
8aac3a2d07669e542430660bc5500d4941f05990Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1589346 - Fix navigation to debugger from console on prettified sources. r=loganfsmyth.
4980beb4ea2a84f6f8f81c4daae45f0a173bf19cTom Tung — Bug 1576593 - P2 - Change the way for tunneling quota information to SQLite; r=janv
2cf7f9254640214a3184481d42ae94d973cc673cTom Tung — Bug 1576593 - P1 - Move IntString to QuotaCommon and introduce IntCString to be used by IDB and DOM Cache; r=janv
b211b2e4f37899f74818099a181e68827d28ae10Daniel Varga — Backed out changeset fac6219649be (bug 1587839) on request by nchevobbe DONTBUILD
23476bf2466b9d38ab3f7cdb39a2209337d0c9ddNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1591061 - Enable browser_toolbox_console_new_process on debug builds. r=bhackett.
04e07f1b8d8391b6203bf86f518da91ec9a9b1bcNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1589376 - Remove compact mode related proptypes. r=Honza.
0a55c4296ac431e7413a9532be4323fc1e0eb011Mustafa — Bug 1588444 - Show formatted data over collapsed raw data. r=Honza
297502522753fe158dd593e08a49b8fc15ad9becPaul Zuehlcke — Bug 1422056 - Added permission manager OA strip test. r=johannh
a44806b8a838d2817e103bf4d1f32db05e1b638fPaul Zuehlcke — Bug 1422056 - Updated tests to account for permission manager OA stripping. r=johannh
8e2882dd4caec9637e97d33eb3d1f4ca2461c815Paul Zuehlcke — Bug 1588461 - Added OA StripAttributes flag for privateBrowsingId. r=johannh,ckerschb
61ea36deed375342d6c19d08c635b1cbeeb74cd3Paul Zuehlcke — Bug 1422056 - nsPermissionManager: Disabled OA stripping for private browsing and added OA strip prefs. r=johannh,Ehsan
af6c810846b40d7e4a19c41514116d914bf12291Mustafa — Bug 1587750 - fix isJSON healper function. r=Honza
9a6143183344fc38cb844614ad65e86996c286e4Neil Deakin — Bug 1589938, convert FormHistory modules into JSWindowActors, allowing the test test_form_submission.html to work with fission enabled, r=MattN
aae2aec5d6f50d1e5a040a3f5a2d3c2c7b4ce519Julian Descottes — Bug 1590932 - Do not show the Paused highlighter when debugging Firefox mobile r=jlast
593ddc2ba7163bbf41589264011065f31085a7d2Julian Descottes — Bug 1590932 - Fix wrong path to file r=jlast
52ec6d92a2279f3379af0c968e0f875fbae6bafcCoroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 398c921e372c (bug 1586725) for browser-chrome failures at browser/components/originattributes/test/browser/browser_firstPartyIsolation_js_uri.js
4d16acb0cb884130857351a09c5dac9b4d090abdDorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
86d60b2e96387dc818cc9fc2f9e58ef6cc1adea3Dorel Luca — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
49324ed41cd82b646dcc040d24d4151885e4958bDaniel Varga — Backed out changeset f4520f5c3cdb (bug 1590414) on request by ANdi a=backout
11b08c1b006151252402f683152cb7f39d95cc61Bogdan Tara — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
da926e5cf0099fe6091aa43f04eaeb1438f3c8d7Mark Hammond — Bug 1589652 - better handling of long sync engine names in the preferences UI. r=Gijs
06754561e77e1c48224e05eda7151bb02c0130f0Dão Gottwald — Bug 1591043 - Tweak megabar search icon margin. r=mak
a1cb4908e2756840d37a98aa5e9c23ad5477c536Coroiu Cristina — Bug 1580323 -Disable browser_dbg-quick-open.js on mac and linux debug for frequent failures. r=egao
398c921e372c4dd7cde7b48c6b366f2e42595e59Tim Huang — Bug 1586725 - Make the test 'browser/components/originattributes/test/browser/browser_firstPartyIsolation_js_uri.js' working in Fission. r=baku
7588fc952e1f1f6ed2ec0b36e407d342f022d943Tim Huang — Bug 1586719 - Making the test 'browser/components/originattributes/test/browser/browser_firstPartyIsolation.js' working in Fission. r=baku
f308c0c341bb46d051cfd5fac9a49da7b3d19573Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1590683 - Part 10: De-templatize BinASTTokenReaderContext::readFieldFromTable. r=Yoric
fbfc3dd85dafe6605cbd633d3dd04b5ce81ceb16Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1590683 - Part 9: De-templatize HuffmanPreludeReader::readTable. r=Yoric
1c96813ac6f8bfc7d1efe6b920d1d1506416d5c4Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1590683 - Part 8: Remove Table type from Entry classes. r=Yoric
be3dbdf26909705948e008f127953ed76224c6adTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1590683 - Part 7: Remove HuffmanTableListLength alias. r=Yoric
2d73df2b7bd23a0c5a87c14a502ae0b8f5b9b37eTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1590683 - Part 6: Make HuffmanTableListLength an alias of HuffmanTableValue. r=Yoric
12321472a6ab61b7b5b1033435573e90023ad9a6Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1590683 - Part 5: Remove alias under HuffmanTableListLength. r=Yoric
c87b6b39de94c3d63d2b297b2bc5bcb0d207be8eTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1590683 - Part 4: Convert simple GenericHuffmanTable subclass to an alias for HuffmanTableListLength. r=Yoric
08f6ce45a7555e410ef7833b420ed39328d86811Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1590683 - Part 3: Remove aliases under HuffmanTableValue. r=Yoric
943d190674e51de5f45184a2a96b4534eae0847eTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1590683 - Part 2: Convert HuffmanTableIndexedSymbolsMaybeInterface to an alias. r=Yoric
898dff0829d65bb83930c8de837e42f71e6f9eb7Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1590683 - Part 1: Convert simple GenericHuffmanTable subclasses to aliases for HuffmanTableValue. r=Yoric
48203fd5a314696042c3b5d925e00718354758b7Tim Huang — Bug 1586721 - Make the test 'browser/components/originattributes/test/browser/browser_firstPartyIsolation_aboutPages.js' working in Fission. r=baku
96a325b408abdfa6ba9fe2c3b1e4080c8c3a3e41Tim Huang — Bug 1586723 - Make the test 'browser/components/originattributes/test/browser/browser_firstPartyIsolation_blobURI.js' working in Fission. r=baku
e842353f3a5c79d85f40da01a8a8f334bd2fa9f4Tim Huang — Bug 1586716 - Make the test 'browser/components/originattributes/test/browser/browser_windowOpenerRestriction.js' working in Fission. r=baku
d0bd8b21cb641bc93bb06e751feabe3744ec77f1Simon Fraser — Bug 1590820 Improve preview pane performance in 'mach try fuzzy -s' r=ahal
c865edc95632478be74dad0b49f0e509915c606eDaniel Varga — Backed out changeset f6e6598e402b (bug 1580288) for xpcshell failure in netwerk/test/unit/test_header_Server_Timing.js. On a CLOSED TREE
681992f97cb4a951ec19bc1ece901988001ad9d1Daosheng Mu — Bug 1590911 - Forwarding fullscreen events to VR host API. r=thomasmo,kip,smaug,PhilipLamb
5458333aaa269cfe6f331329f176d92d66f61906Olli Pettay — Bug 1591087 - Add some more HTML*Element sizeof assertions, r=Ehsan
7542922a6323663f07a27e473be7dd8f162facedJon Coppeard — Bug 1590904 - Don't start background marking task if there's nothing to mark r=allstarschh
ec5ffc5cb2a8b8881a7ce24111932cf08690e897DimiDL — Bug 1570159 - CreatePairwiseWhitelistURI return success when it cannot get host from the top-level page. r=Ehsan
f6e6598e402b1ea24740bf717b67f4d611dfce0fJunior Hsu — Bug 1580288, r=mayhemer
9eeb10e078a53952e077ddfb8a53873c91dda2bfGabriele Svelto — Bug 1566109 - Add SolidWorks DLL to the blocklist; r=aklotz
fac6219649bea4ebfcdf876056ee65f74c9c2aefNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1587839 - Fix navigation to debugger from console on prettified sources. r=loganfsmyth.
37f900e2a6c9e0fb315fdef1a25412d1cec9fd24rfkelly — Bug 1590948 - Properly inspect `context` param when handling `fxa_status` webchannel message. r=markh
dd540d2cdc4d382052d87bdb78755665573acdf4Alex Henrie — Bug 1589786 - Handle surrogate pairs in nsFind. r=Ehsan
05d6cb8093a39c247f51ba00dc4f35b93d69d235Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1567209 - CleanupForPid locking r=jld
4540a5373bb817c8d256b224016677dddd60546cCsoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 54ca07441fde (bug 1590935) for browser-chrome failures on browser_aboutNetError.js. CLOSED TREE
24ed7d8155fb3fe2c11d443e865b908068b428caGurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 56fda39c816b (bug 1589938) for eslint failure at FormHistoryChild.jsm on a CLOSED TREE.
5ea7c20012edd1f466f1839d0c8a8d966c4e2f40L. David Baron — Bug 1584018 - Make flex and grid code indicate that its block resizes can affect basis for percentages. r=dholbert,mats
28980de08edf5dd2efe48818661d58466b45670dL. David Baron — Bug 1584018 - Add reftest. r=dholbert
56fda39c816b9b6b095a602e85e16365ca2e2a5bNeil Deakin — Bug 1589938, convert FormHistory modules into JSWindowActors, allowing the test test_form_submission.html to work with fission enabled, r=MattN
54ca07441fded359a05aae6c22d9077e45303029Martin Thomson — Bug 1590935 - Offer to re-enable TLS 1.0 on SSL_ERROR_PROTOCOL_VERSION_ALERT, r=johannh
a9ed98e8618aa4ab89a3c5a18bf16c799d9c775fNico Grunbaum — Bug 1583867 - add rtpTimestamp field to RTP sync/contrib sources; r=jib,smaug
14f130c1a3cf884f1f3f876174290886c19020a7Aaron Klotz — Bug 1485057: Fix to allow helper.exe to build incrementally; r=mshal
df10f6e2803059e932328e1a169cbe7c9e208fdfMartin Thomson — Bug 1576790 - Enable version downgrade sentinel in TLS, r=keeler
efddf4dea6a92d2580db1edc8d8aecfb685a4655Jeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Implement |WritableStreamDefaultController.prototype.error|. r=arai
cdee74198a028d7f153baabdc11e205a717a3748Jeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Implement |WritableStreamDefaultControllerError| and |WritableStreamDefaultControllerClearAlgorithms|. r=arai
9194f4c3a4b0e5454ab2cfccc215a866d81ded21Jeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Fill out the rest of |WritableStreamStartErroring|. r=arai
6dc87f50afb5474187472f486faa74aef391831eJeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Implement |WritableStreamRejectCloseAndClosedPromiseIfNeeded|. r=arai
060a76418b952416795ed8e043bffe9d59129404Jeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Implement |WritableStreamMarkFirstWriteRequestInFlight|. r=arai
519ddce02f434de20bd9c46f694796a8cfbb560dJeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Implement |WritableStreamFinishInFlightCloseWithError|. r=arai
bb048f85a3a90866f85845237aaefbaba722395bJeff Walden — Bug 1582348 - Implement |WritableStreamUpdateBackpressure|. r=arai
dd7a79a0e83d6d24f672ce3f619f613ca7ab5f1dBogdan Tara — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
bb2d2f3832bf3e55d623e27aba3166ce2ddddf01Csoregi Natalia — Backed out 8 changesets (bug 1561227) for failures on browser_viewport_resizing_scrollbar.js. CLOSED TREE
8e94e62b2ab102c32c222dcef1dfa32364e9164bJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1580695 - Revert bug 1533129. r=alwu,bryce
63f999fa8c1989a586664becdb443158ef71ec24Dana Keeler — bug 1063276 - include the peer cert chain from the TLS handshake when verifying server certificates r=kjacobs
bfd38a39c33ddaeccd1a4486ba9a19f92c2ad850Dylan Roeh — Bug 1588782 - Fix getWindowByName calls in GeckoViewContentBlockingController.jsm r=snorp
a3d9f2889a0cf94333c03123b82c0daee3f164b1thomasmo — Bug 1590808 - Use Preview logo for FxR Desktop Settings r=Gijs
aeb96d3934601c92f64dfe5bfc695d3ddc35df33Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset 5eb5f44dcf96 (bug 1550804) for failures at browser_parsable_css.js on a CLOSED TREE.
de3af64d13472d9ab391f0454a84c3e7d4f37167Gurzau Raul — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 1578465) for mochitest leakcheck failures on a CLOSED TREE.
1a2ce959ae624e69fb7096b6089e6f911fa8e9dcBryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1587573 - Clarify threading model used by MediaKeySystemAccessManager. r=dminor
9b5849cc7455597e100ac60801369c1f7a9ce4fdBryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1587573 - Make MediaKeySystemAccessManager includes + include guard match google style. r=dminor
c8d446164add828c06bb50adde1ec1766250ef35Bryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1587573 - Define a log to cut down on boilerplate in the MediaKeySystemAccessManager. r=dminor
aa77e5f11f210183c409383facb4ce69b36c8a16Bryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1587573 - Tidy MediaKeySystemAccessManager to ease adding further checks when requesting access. r=dminor
4b6dd8d8ad75aeb45c9fe254e6560fcf58cbf092Edwin Takahashi — Bug 1589206 - enable for python 2 in mozbuild suite and annotate expected failures r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mshal
8a47372311a98d5b91e89996d92472a10b237d34Gabriel Luong — Bug 1587789 - Remove isXBLAnonymous functions defined and used in the inspector. r=bgrins
abfae37285fa88352064f696666c80396e5f46e3Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1590310 - Hide the copyright section by default r=ahal
78c33df33145bd63cd303264734d0b7d85151908Sean Feng — Bug 1590526 - Temporarily allow node adoption across different docGroups for the content/content case r=smaug,zombie
122109471f12efe05c36ca28a0ad7458dd01d122alexdominguezg — Bug 1565978 - Stop changing the currently selected row in Network with left and right keys. r=fvsch
e3ce16ac9143028c9f8353bff57a63aebcd5d127Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset 530bcc00246e (bug 1576918) for browser-chrome failures on browser_dismissFooter.js. CLOSED TREE
5eb5f44dcf96cedbfeef132741fffc41dc329756Gabriel Luong — Bug 1550804 - Add color scheme simulation to the inspector. r=pbro
8117cafb3a205311137ee2a294765fed2a4ed967Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 8: Update expectations for existing tests. r=botond
635534927ffca1e326871f2f52c0b4800fafb2b1Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 7: Add a test of meta viewport resizing with full zoom. r=botond
693b0dd88f2b1f2c98eeaaffa855226d70393bc2Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 6: Rename an existing RDM zoom test in anticipation of adding related tests. r=botond
257bc09f49af49cb8a7653e14fb5310f736bac65Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 5: Define a helper function for setting RDM zoom and use it in existing tests. r=botond
1b63d555c6c168101d17c5cc5633f498e6d374e9Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 4: Make RDM force the UI ZoomChild Actor to cache its zoom level. r=mconley,gl
677da957ddcbcda5734a97d36a98fc3f079645e8Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 3: Make RDM UI save and restore resolution when responding to a full zoom change. r=mtigley
f8b8e593316fe9f39ae4fabc72c0308000824582Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 2: Define and fire an internal event when BrowserChild has finished resizing. r=botond,emilio
849e1cf51a8fb895860497b3d9addf1a2ccb7af6Brad Werth — Bug 1561227 Part 1: Make nsDocumentViewer send a new event before setting full zoom levels on the pres contexts. r=emilio
e411308211901a0cd99f6503ca9b1f1375e26a79alwu — Bug 1590579 - part2 : update controller's audible state when it starts. r=chunmin
e8517c1bc0d7409b0a97c33c836c4382d27ebef4alwu — Bug 1590579 - part1 : add test. r=chunmin
d4b62d6f1e64896701f193f7414ded2033ad2814Daosheng Mu — Bug 1578851 - Using VRManagerChild to check isPresenting to skip painting in nsRefreshDriver. r=rbarker,imanol,mstange
530bcc00246e68a35fe03c19269d4282b9a0e8afJames Jahns — Bug 1576918 - Port PageStyle actor, which handles alternative stylesheets, to JSWindowActors for Fission compatibility. r=mconley,Gijs
b32c9765011588adbb965332ce0f7e8b3b7f4b30Geoff Brown — Bug 1405175 - Repeat reftest --run-until-failure up to 30 times by default; r=ahal
e1f8f4721f6989cbf1f4da5d113389d4d07ddcc3Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1591003 - Migrate urlbar notification tooltips to Fluent. r=fluent-reviewers,Gijs
6d981ce4e63207b4d4414c448f6412687b29dd34Bryce Seager van Dyk — Bug 1588947 - Refer to mozilla-unified rather than mozilla-central in r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,chmanchester
59062c355993c6c7953f14861495e3604871e97cDan Minor — Bug 1588123 - Update libdav1d to head; r=TD-Linux
94dfbbd73b840ce18181b74660d65a665cca8563Csoregi Natalia — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1575090) for web platform failures on e.g. nested-sharedworker-success.https.html. CLOSED TREE
f15206bb9e0210473db7855ed0dd56a2c7280c83Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset f3fee3ded743 (bug 1550804) for many devtools failures e.g. browser_markup_accessibility_focus_blur.js on a CLOSED TREE.
4ebff107956a4c2422ebb4915557d98d9abd69d1Sam Foster — Bug 1272849 - Enable empty-password test and tighten up with shared helpers. r=MattN
97817312149e580e6f8d9d8838efecf2b9526b80Mike Conley — Bug 1590822 - Add lockAspectRatio support to windows for macOS. r=mstange
c2ac5c82a898f11942ab3e60caf5a564b721a15dBrian Grinstead — Bug 1589595 - Replace cmd_copy with cmd_copy_tree in page info so the tree copy handler doesn't override the input field copy handler r=Gijs
f3fee3ded743561f3d60d7cc2c60f2e90ab75bc1Gabriel Luong — Bug 1550804 - Add color scheme simulation to the inspector. r=pbro
e4f991bcd89855e7d039ff657056f7f55cb42cb1Philip Chimento — Bug 1590845 - Add JS::MemoryUse::Embedding1 through 5. r=tcampbell,jonco
6c3ad234937ba188b4e09c8fff9d9d0b857a39f7Jason Orendorff — Bug 1590546 - Part 4: Update js/src/tests/README.txt. r=jandem
b62295380392dd2aa20bd0b2487d028f769c05ddJason Orendorff — Bug 1590546 - Part 3: Add entries to jstests.list for new failing test262 tests. r=jandem
799aebf56b2aa1dd331976d088352227a7dc1e23Jason Orendorff — Bug 1590546 - Part 2: Update test262. r=jandem
12a024047dbda41934dd9ec9894d28d621b4a911Jason Orendorff — Bug 1590546 - Part 1: Add new unsupported features to the test262 update script. r=jandem
12353ac49ff9c15b67ca32a470974aacb81740ffEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1590692 - Make Geckoview history a static component. r=lina
54471d01065b459d156c6a4e1a241bc8f40daf0cDaniel Holbert — Bug 1590639 part 6: Fix non-unified build issues in layout/inspector. r=emilio
5b8a4bd4937a2fc64cefda21933a1489559426bcDaniel Holbert — Bug 1590639 part 5: Fix non-unified build issues in layout/svg. r=emilio
9d5a94668e7dcd5ec183cd62743ed263bca5ef53Daniel Holbert — Bug 1590639 part 4: Fix non-unified build issues in layout/style. r=emilio
7d697ed8c7276b155403c14daaa640be0ce4c8e4Daniel Holbert — Bug 1590639 part 3: Fix non-unified build issues in layout/{forms,painting}. r=TYLin
db3fe5184abb0201fe0b7a6384cde1e6e52bbacaDaniel Holbert — Bug 1590639 part 2: Fix non-unified build issues in layout/base. r=TYLin
7c82ce0af9f0b5589e08e8f69e6d7ab466aacab4Daniel Holbert — Bug 1590639 part 1: Fix non-unified build issues in layout/generic. r=TYLin
8884f26e36b340c2860b6afbcfa50c3ec641fe6dDaniel Holbert — Bug 1590639 part 0: Run clang-format on layout/. r=TYLin
3cc5605eb738764894c367dcfbada314ff44e409Julian Seward — Bug 1584976 - LUL on x86_64-{android, linux}: accept .eh_frame with type as either SHT_PROGBITS or SHT_X86_64_UNWIND. r=mstange.
752397061f1c321e17f47d03865d914a265de470Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1591142 - s/uiBusyPromise.resolve/uiBusyPromiseResolve/ to fix cancelling of a MP dialog. r=NeilDeakin
724c75f9d98fa441703a4e36f294672859e138d7shindli — Merge autoland to mozilla-central. a=merge
e92698988324f586d9e92539c9e660d18a3b90d9Michael Kaply — Bug 1586453 - Don't try to wait for favicons in policy r=Standard8
15bf74622318b1b5117fe2c86619df685d895a2fGeoff Brown — Bug 1590873 - Increase test chunks for windows aarch64 wpt; r=egao
7f71e6babc3650def0ce149cf9538698dcb07d01Geoff Brown — Bug 1516298 - Disable test_group_touchevents.html on android for frequent intermittent failures; r=egao
a26f1627d0bcb8adc8143f9aacdb66e780ce307fMihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset 0063a5b2f5b3 (bug 1589786) for causing bustages in TestDLLBlocklist.obj and sandboxBroker.i_o CLOSED TREE
3791b3afbb448959bdb040ce7df20bb94dcf5bf1Perry Jiang — Bug 1575090 - add NS_GetCrossOriginEmbedderPolicyFromHeader r=JuniorHsu
224ad4adb49e0844a98f5f3d404aacd9931d1112Perry Jiang — Bug 1575090 - set COEP for all workers and enforce it when loading Dedicated Workers r=asuth
efb654c201a343c5cbfb905430f049bb1d4c721aPerry Jiang — Bug 1575090 - expose a response's COEP on nsIHttpChannelInternal r=JuniorHsu
38cfc02d15deab23d6293fc6b7e36e9ca8601721Rob Lemley — Bug 1519936 - Include External.webidl for Thunderbird. r=bzbarsky
0063a5b2f5b3092f9330c4cd9795e6e39f42fa15Alex Henrie — Bug 1589786 - Handle surrogate pairs in nsFind. r=Ehsan
9cfb573e3b2c09cd15b768520f129934c1fcceb7Sebastian Streich — Bug 1590322 - Enable Cache-Split-Test with fission r=ckerschb
c8f662192222035fe449c21a6cd1d24f2fe09b4aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1586390 - Remove unused methods from nsIParentalControlsService. r=jmathies
8ae63cee3ee135a4cac1b61aff14e63286e50bbdItiel — Bug 1589899 - Always display preference values on the search bar in the left-to-right direction. r=Itiel
02d3beaee9c091d1f6b52111fe96a7ec1c48bd39Itiel — Bug 1590801 - Add padding for radio button labels in about:config r=paolo
f541e07e02392551cdfbcb4a4d57956af686d6f5Mark Striemer — Bug 1588563 - Reduce background image size in about:config r=Gijs
4049249a2c9f8d436ccd86ea37f17ceb0f09e7d0Tim Nguyen — Bug 1590897 - Remove support for XUL <spring> element. r=mats
45e0bd29438212488f19a96d13b5520d8c492853Jan de Mooij — Bug 1591051 - Fix some perf tests to account for new thin-inline JS string limit. r=bzbarsky
98daaf8d2c63e57be28d53dc9749749810ec1686ffxbld — No Bug, mozilla-central repo-update HSTS HPKP remote-settings tld-suffixes - a=repo-update r=RyanVM
907cc983de9947090b2fe5fca1a74ed20aa4cec2Rob Wood — Bug 1590834 - Increase raptor-browsertime android maximum taskcluster job time r=perftest-reviewers,stephendonner
95100860aaa0d65db8f2a6720ed77809f796cb65Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1556953 - Follow-up: Remove leftover TODO fixed by this bug.
dd6d5a66e948a2113c5d4d38df571b932d4807d0Andy Wingo — Bug 1586249 - Fix validation for "if/then" without "else" r=luke
7a71fb6a8d559ac6f1759b1d735a6cf287cf0334Marco Perez Kistler — Bug 1589975 - Unbreak build on platforms not supporting the mmap flag MAP_NORESERVE. r=jandem
ceca727602a18572f0c5f900751a13d87b333fdbRob Wu — Bug 1590114 - Cleanup references to generators in DeferredTask r=florian
df2ae0b114e04766258645245c8821015a97a2afRob Wu — Bug 1590114 - Move idle dispatch from task to timer in DeferredTask.jsm r=florian
c39004cf92c4aaf73da85f3d79e1babfcaa3b08eDimiDL — Bug 1553855 - P2. Fix Safe Browsing testcase errors after introducing LazyIdle thread. r=gcp
0f506810a0a90cd3e0ca95961c4c636afa3d4d41DimiDL — Bug 1553855 - P1. Make the Classifier Update thread a LazyIdle thread. r=gcp
fb8bfcb98092395e37949abdd6f8298ca80a541eAndreas Farre — Bug 1591057 - Remove skip-if for test_vibrator.html. r=kashav
753beb12fdf6984c0a2ca8786fb9db1317e171b4Philip Jägenstedt — Bug 1589056 - [mozlog] Update mozlog version number to 5.0 r=jgraham
fbca649ef24e5d64b4806d972b3ea5a4b5cd0ec0Jan Varga — Bug 1591014 - IDB: Add a test for orphaned files; r=ttung
15e5bc696a3ffde556f989b4f61bd8d270d8335dMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1582120 - Fix test_autofocus_js.html for Fission. r=sfoster
b40527d329bd31f5b8f453b35c5406fb82124308Dão Gottwald — Bug 1591012 - Fix Megabar search icon color with webextension themes. r=mak
6c6375cd9adb9b2d86e24c5acc5c81ee7a38b38fMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1583957 - Indicate support for autocomplete=(username|new-password|current-password). r=farre
3daed546d6cfc40fccc82e34e8cafb2d5c24626aRob Wu — Bug 1590417 - Remove unused HTMLMediaElement::GetTopLevelPrincipal r=Ehsan
f0838766c33a5fc6f854892adb6f096d6839a19bNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1589754) for mochitest failures on test_notification_permissions.html CLOSED TREE
4a0dc82465d2a8d7ca6bc66371310081d07a774aTim Huang — Bug 1590032 - Propagate the first party domain when creating new browser in Fission. r=smaug
e832b3b54e4919b969ea871f8745bace7c6b7ac1Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1589315 - Expose an API to watch for front destruction. r=jdescottes
f4615a1b93ef2bd16a73b7d1e8c187d3611d4b96Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1471754 - Allow to unregister Front.onFront listeners. r=jdescottes
4f546e70e68e4564eb8373f4155c48f3ec915067Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1588741 - Descriptors.getTarget may return unattached targets when called in parallel. r=jdescottes
d33fde64cf037bb6831d3c0393f09d3a860a6ee4John Dai — Bug 1590110 - Enable dom/base/test/test_bug1091883.html in Fission; r=mccr8
f72e51defe973dd3719ff4302b909f0cef367c96Mark Banner — Bug 1556854 - Enable ESLint for dom/media/test/ - Manually enable remaining rules. r=jya
68d0e52b6dd181a4868be8526b1e97af81c1a4c8Mark Banner — Bug 1556854 - Enable ESLint for dom/media/test/ - Enable ESLint rules no-undef and no-unused-vars. r=jya
6368dec38ad687225fbbe2032a19de3cffdc6e29Mark Banner — Bug 1556854 - Enable ESLint for dom/media/test/ - Enable automatically fixable rules. r=jya.
f10e6e88331a5b50e3b7b64572610d7ef817d45eMark Banner — Bug 1556854 - Enable ESLint for dom/media/test/ - Enable prettier and ESLint rules curly and mozilla/consistent-if-bracing. r=jya
77b66c3539ec3846078881744eda8327ac9ba387Mark Banner — Bug 1556854 - Enable ESLint for dom/media/test/, disabling failing rules, fixing instances of no-shadow failures. r=jya
f426aa11e0436c1c178059300eee839538b9c3f6Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 6dde6dcea46a (bug 1583466) for bustages on nsXREDirProvider.cpp . CLOSED TREE
880dd7fed087a839f8e8ee351248a4e57e20a1b2Dave Townsend — Bug 1590889: Stop warning on common failures in ThirdPartyUtil.cpp r=ckerschb
6dde6dcea46a39510698ba9f14a08281da92275eMartin Stransky — Bug 1583466 - [Linux] Load policies per user from system, r=mkaply,mossop
120203cf34b01f7f4c8c104a3bbd1cad00b89ba7Rob Wu — Bug 1589754 - Rename nsGlobalWindowInner::GetTopLevelPrincipal r=Ehsan
49e887cef91d51378694a0d454e05bab8fac2285Rob Wu — Bug 1589754 - Fix permissions.query in top-level document r=tnguyen
3433d3e346bf6b53348124253aebc2187221c3c3Tomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1574926 - Enable two browser_ext_browserAction_popup* tests with fission+debug r=rpl
9f72a5a0105dffe5eed579f1af4c6e6cf84f49cbXidorn Quan — Bug 1578377 - Render dark scrollbars for element with dark background on Windows. r=jmathies
d68244d4b2dc69acbd0d6f0d4620089a6ffeef8cAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1584898 - Free nsPipe memory on a separate thread, r=Ehsan
132bd541dbef4de71c008f2b182fcb162651084aNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1556854) for mda failures on /test_media_selection.html CLOSED TREE
681462911841fd4585cc778d641fb03bcc93f3faJan de Mooij — Bug 1590776 - Store the external-string-sizeOf callback with the finalize callback instead of per-runtime. r=jwalden,bzbarsky
90ef5c4f6349447e72cfd2fc50ad103969a66464Andy Wingo — Bug 1590920 - Fix popBlockResults(Empty) for jump to outer block r=lth
61a4022333fa9ffeea5bf8fd24515761d3e24db8Mark Banner — Bug 1556854 - Enable ESLint for dom/media/test/ - Manually enable remaining rules. r=jya
cfd809c638779c1be42014863aa3dc35543e5b6aMark Banner — Bug 1556854 - Enable ESLint for dom/media/test/ - Enable ESLint rules no-undef and no-unused-vars. r=jya
057cc987859417ddc234301b2434cee757fee68cMark Banner — Bug 1556854 - Enable ESLint for dom/media/test/ - Enable automatically fixable rules. r=jya.
0f02ff8a5c67dc47edf06b1383af027c0e25df66Mark Banner — Bug 1556854 - Enable ESLint for dom/media/test/ - Enable prettier and ESLint rules curly and mozilla/consistent-if-bracing. r=jya
8719996c65b3ba61cf2f0e73be5e08315dac2ef7Mark Banner — Bug 1556854 - Enable ESLint for dom/media/test/, disabling failing rules, fixing instances of no-shadow failures. r=jya
e59067f11054d1238381b2847e0b5de3f7fd7c08Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1590930 - Temporarily skip remote/test/browser/browser_runtime_executionContext.js on windows. r=remote-protocol-reviewers,whimboo
b22b34f260b435079346601ca6de21b2ba700374Tom Tung — Bug 1590364 - Not listing the bypass security check pref for postMessage in about:support; r=nika
1710e9a74a46e7babe8ddcd1c58c654b5239a9d3Paul Adenot — Bug 1590652 - Temporarily revert to using IAudioClient on Windows 10. r=kinetik
ec46a6ec3d50eb71619041262095d1885a814d79Itiel — Bug 1590306 - Force LTR on the shortcut key in the welcome box r=Honza
ab7d802dcfdb34c07a2319baa228b1af5c7094c3Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1590718 - remove bogus unused constants (one with wrong value) from RemoteWebNavigation, r=johannh
c8663c3c21a3f96802e9300d45c9d298b2c81917Philip Jägenstedt — Bug 1589056 - [mozlog] tests for PRECONDITION_FAILED status r=jgraham
165dd3fa6c49c7c45770b07e979a92d583d50407Philip Jägenstedt — Bug 1589056 - [mozlog] introduce PRECONDITION_FAILED status r=jgraham
be90a81e1b11b735546dee7837392e033eada3ddTim Nguyen — Bug 1590903 - Fix reftest failure and remove references to <text> that I missed. CLOSED TREE
b05f555b78d8be787dab4560b7d3c735494bff48Geoff Lankow — Bug 1580462 - Follow-up: include a missing header file. r=baku
7b8aeceae69b8af2280ff663956b15c6a6d8e23fDavid Walsh — Bug 1580544 - Enable blocked resources in Nightly and Dev Edition r=Honza
71c5259fcfa66a0d76b95df280a8843aab93ecbcJulian Descottes — Bug 1590823 - Fix scrollbars in accessibility panel by using --devtools-toolbar-height instead of --accessibility-toolbar-height r=fvsch
2a548b23c4d5b4399a64c117db288af75ad96a5eTim Nguyen — Bug 1590903 - Remove support for XUL <text> element. r=mats
afba5a084fe471a79a52184aa49a51a380198331Michal Novotny — Bug 1590250 - network ID: different ID is detected after re-enabling mobile data, r=valentin
ef633bc5dc59988b93e54f5836697101c0f48d8dMarcos Cáceres — Bug 1587793 - re-associate manifest with a browser when getting them from cache r=snorp
5d748daa45d3bd1893a47a377eeff6c8608021eeMihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1540340) for causing bustages in and profiler/core/platform.cpp CLOSED TREE
fa97283e9f5d89b55d24eeb4171036bd34d12f00Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1585923 - Rename MenuButton doc prop to toolboxDoc. r=jdescottes.
4ee4cde558510019dccbb89701f2a96b6a1a10a2Gerald Squelart — Bug 1540340 - Prevent logging when mainthredio is enabled - r=gregtatum
be6a82fd75e987570aaa7bb51d7f017e6dae6e7fGerald Squelart — Bug 1540340 - PSMutex can more accurately determine if the current thread owns the lock - r=njn,gregtatum