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Sat Jul 21 07:29:34 2012 +0000
c5cd832d82ef8a7c2b7c18471915909647f79166Jonas Sicking — Bug 769594: Make nsObjectLoadingContent use principals when calling into permission manager. r=josh
2328647c5d6dd4135a62c1bb98b3e4d233e1d0d2Jonas Sicking — Bug 774585: Rename getCodebasePrincipal to getSimpleCodebasePrincipal since the behavior has semantically changed. r=mounir
c3972de3f4a56b467a31a843a3be7c3670de25a0Jonas Sicking — Bug 774585: Fix browser code and tests to be aware of app principals. r=mounir
224e9f2148b217f5657ec4c17570cf167679d681Jonas Sicking — Bug 774585: Fix xpc-sandbox creation code to create the correct principals. r=mrbkap
24d60aa478bb6cfbe4048f64228d0f17f553fd29Jonas Sicking — Bug 774585: Fix session storage to take app principals into account. r=mounir