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Tue Nov 13 01:36:00 2012 +0000
de9fff3a523240b175c0aca822911011b926d64dBobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Remove the cx parameter and simplify various APIs. r=sfink,bz
c567df2244f59d53a71467afa461a12adad8ba7fBobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Reimplement PUNCTURE consumers in terms of isSafeToUnwrap() and remove PUNCTURE API. r=mrbkap
8e3d976d5dc5c0029cf810a83f7f5bcecf0aeac9Bobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Add infrastructure to flag security wrappers as unsafe to unwrap. r=mrbkap
c7499faaec23ae05c3031ae248f5f8a5d8d313a3Bobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Clarify and refine the semantics of SecurityWrapper so that it is used if and only if unwrapping is unsafe. r=mrbkap