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Wed Apr 06 06:26:53 2016 +0000
c2c09dd63bff3f0054c9500ed224001dfdfdead1Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1261698. Make ReparentFrameViewTo return void because it always returns NS_OK. r=mats
019d03cdbf2b615cff313ac01214f15ab7bc8e4cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1261698. Remove comment that is not relevant in nsContainerFrame.cpp.
8d479d7f6493da541fae614dc8402c88e82bacc8Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1261698. Don't descend into child frames looking for views in ReparentFrameViewTo if the frame doesn't have the NS_FRAME_HAS_CHILD_WITH_VIEW bit set. r=mats