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Mon Apr 11 18:21:25 2016 +0000
68779538bf0028b89d5d4268c5619ca15037e92fChris Manchester — Bug 1261456 - Combine support-files listed in [DEFAULT] with any listed per-test rather than overriding. r=gps
76411e442ff3c9e758edba9bad6bea9ef6d0ab06Chris Manchester — Bug 1262866 - Include toolkit/crashreporter/test/browser/browser.ini in a more central to avoid a failure when running tests against --disable-crashreporter builds. r=mshal
bfc1e070806f5326ac442674f1268aed7576d92aChris Manchester — Bug 1262961 - Add the 'generate-build-stats' step to several debug mozharness configs. r=mshal