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Fri Jun 07 11:10:59 2019 +0000
2195b79ea888b1e49406406f528870ca9cab1525Bob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 15: Spread the playback of canvas recordings across multiple threads in the GPU process. r=mattwoodrow
2fd1ba3d96cd90f32b2858569580cc1c6da976e6Bob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 14: Refactor Path recording to record Arc properly. r=jrmuizel
09b2e60abc85df3ae4e8a29a01655383acab14bfBob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 13: Make the recording of surface data more efficient. r=rhunt
4357d695b8d5dd901788d922b73e89f16c45b2c9Bob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 12: Add CanvasParent, CanvasChild and RecordedTextureData. r=mattwoodrow, jld
e32d6c3ba88775579562d9d1f27098306b7bfbb0Bob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 11: Make SourceSurface from DrawTargetRecording::CreateSourceSurfaceFromData hold its data. r=jrmuizel
04067aec22bb2f8da87a34893c99e2195efd0b8cBob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 10: Add a CanvasTranslator and canvas recorded events. r=jrmuizel
0e6cf27e972802cd890667321ea8e37a043d8d38Bob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 9: Add a D3D11 device to be used on canvas threads in the GPU process. r=jrmuizel
fcc9f5f6dfe1c94e7f76582ee972e960539cb060Bob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 8: Add a CanvasEventRingBuffer and CanvasDrawEventRecorder. r=Gankro
a2720ec3086f5c17bee8ddb394cd43ea0674c2f4Bob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 7: Take snapshot before return for TextureClients with synchronization. r=mattwoodrow
258c6c1996568b3e7d3ca442a2d87df3f60a4b32Bob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 6: Add remote canvas pref and refactor TextuteData creation to use it. r=mattwoodrow
c83dbcc4dade59208e1291208e1fad72543b503dBob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 5: Make sure the DrawTarget can create a similar DrawTarget when falling back to empty surface. r=mstange
76f6050cb57f39e8dbe3d0ec6bc987725944e82aBob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 4: Record DrawTarget::Flush and DrawTarget::DetachAllSnapshots. r=jrmuizel
b2e0e341bb82f5f6f04a02c631fd835c506e96e2Bob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 3: Remove unused GetObjectRef. r=jrmuizel
274a9d9596a2b7a2d046e198ebcddaa4c45f82e0Bob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 2: Remove LoadEvent and replace with DoWithEvent. r=jrmuizel
be11539bd8d89d2490e30bdb5cf242850b283e44Bob Owen — Bug 1464032 Part 1: Fix unified build issues. r=jrmuizel
4793f9c4f13d2589c9322363bc307ffcac501db5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1529677 - Move writing of Event type from RecordEvent() into RecordToStream(). r=bobowen