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Fri Mar 22 15:14:44 2013 +0000
1d7b2eafeebcd7863173737b09a9d29a3c1e5813Daniel Holbert — Bug 782441 part 3: Reftests for flex containers with "overflow:hidden|scroll|auto". r=bz
472f6793e512f9c585b648801970a3607bbfecb3Daniel Holbert — Bug 782441 part 2: Tweak ua.css to make flex container properties inherit to ::-moz-scrolled-content, so that flex containers with "overflow" set will honor those properties. r=bz
bdf0d126c1b8b999b76b0fe75728412613665d66Daniel Holbert — Bug 782441 part 1: Add FCDATA_MAY_NEED_SCROLLFRAME bit to flex container display data. r=bz
a614c0fa8f761ba127f025a2ea015ddd50a4798eDaniel Holbert — Bug 853777: Remove unused variable 'cx' from CodeGenerator::visitApplyArgsGeneric(). r=kvijayan