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Thu Sep 20 04:14:13 2012 +0000
84317c2f199c22a56ee39c86471d537d2a9de78dJulian Viereck — Bug 468568. Main patch: support downloading fonts in printing and print preview. r=smaug
d7a64a0020698c94b814037a525fc15ea59c5779Robert O'Callahan — Bug 468568. Part 0.8: Remove invalid assertion about matching containers. r=smaug
bd01565fa8a168f24abb370007fc27077199726bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 468568. Part 0.7: Fix nsPagePrintTimer inheritance. r=smaug
9dec661d4ce568b228df50a01a590ef55697f399Robert O'Callahan — Bug 468568. Part 0.6: Assert when ScheduleViewManagerFlush is called on a non-root. r=mattwoodrow
37a981b0771b0220aab6a58fe88a6ff6eb47c981Robert O'Callahan — Bug 468568. Part 0.5: _cairo_dwrite_scaled_font_create_win32_scaled_font should check font names to ensure that GDI gave us back the correct font. r=jfkthame