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Tue Aug 19 12:42:37 2014 +0000
bb91698edd20cc16dbd3613105bcaa9f19b4b71aJan Beich — Bug 1055113 - Unbreak non-unified build on FreeBSD after bug 988816. r=swu, r=jduell
2ec59bdec08879b5c2cfd0ab50f6e62cfdb12d7aShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1054908 - Ensure socket_child_ is released on main thread. r=mt
8944f233d14b0863b90ec4e6800a0735bd7cafbaJan Beich — Bug 1054154 - Revert part of bug 1042878 to unbreak build when system ICU is installed. r=froydnj, r=glandium
53c7fcb7ead91a2bda0ec1fd26de32c8058e04ddBenjamin Chen — Bug 1047022 - Remove manual addref for Session object. Let MediaRecorder hold reference to Session that makes a cycle reference, break it in DestrotedRunnable(). r=roc
4db3058a5c9f54b92e4e675478f86f7b1c34c1f8Inanc Seylan — Bug 1044022 - Clean-up: IonMonkey: the LIRGenerator should inherit from MDefinitionVisitor instead of MDefinitionVisitorDefaultNYI. r=nbp
721eb8e94100c8947b6c00e22ea69b4462d6050bSean Lin — Bug 1014023 - [Datastore] Notify apps of changes in datastore without being opened. r=baku, r=gene
e71a3cac1b3dd3d77ce23cf7edb37f627bb8020bJunior Hsu — Bug 1005818 - Part 2: Only limited browser API are available to a widget. r=kanru
e020d647d6d371b4da16dcb6f07b2b4c5d7add23Junior Hsu — Bug 1005818 - Part 1: Load a widget as an app if the |src| is in the |widgetPages|. r=fabrice, sr=sicking
6ae6e5032735c1189800783ddc7d777a5ed8a7dfRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1048874 - Remove unnecessary setting of media.webvtt.enabled pref in tests. r=rillian