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Thu Jan 23 20:18:36 2014 +0000
fbb3ea68c86e34e02f2e6b75b0f0f1cada0a07fdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 941876 part 2. When compiling script attached to DOM elements, tell the JS engine what element is involved and which attribute is involved, if any. r=smaug
bb4066993a6a3c523728b8a0fc3c9ad12c95b840Boris Zbarsky — Bug 941876 part 1. Pass in the element we're compiling the event handler for to the event listener manager, so it knows which element to associate with the compiled script. r=smaug
f88b13e2ae0acddbe78c7de8df85d227e4ce0eceBoris Zbarsky — Bug 962628. Make '+' and '~' combinators work at the top level of an anonymous content forest. r=heycam