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Tue May 21 21:38:13 2019 +0000
17018058233cfc319552ca7d97f1dfae35c3c50bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1530190. Adjust assert expectations on toolkit/content/tests/chrome/test_bug437844.xul. r=aosmond
1d13cc5dbb8a842f602eaffecb109eed523fdb23Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1530190. Cleanup GetStockIcon from first patch. r=aosmond
642316b68e6a267ce07e99d5e7506119820b437bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1530190. Allow nsIconChannel::Open to work on Windows. r=aosmond
2d9c02e85710b2fa095f7542b0b58996c7e8a77aTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1530190. Use the image io thread to call SHGetFileInfo. r=aosmond
8010faead0fd05a943e260dc6b5a7d9b024eef88Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1530190. De-unify image/DecodePool.cpp on Windows. r=aosmond
875d43d35a71e530b84388ad55d515015c6d3a68Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1530190. Fix unified build bustage in image/Downscaler.cpp. r=aosmond
bb340bd557d44a059953eb8b5f5e48ab3761a545Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1530190. Change description of DecodePool::mMutex to be more accurate. r=aosmond
71bf2b9ca6ea2cbd97f4a07242e2ad7f20a1a2e5Andrew Osmond — Bug 1530190. Call SHGetFileInfo off the main thread in nsIconChannel on Windows. r=tnikkel