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Thu Jun 16 07:44:15 2016 +0000
c009297005902ca508e9851274f618a72585da67Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1276927: Build B2G with Android build scripts where possible, r=glandium
442a1085cceef664ce96078f6f36c0265baeac45Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1276927: Define HAVE_ANDROID_OS before including 'android_filesystem_config.h', r=fabrice
bacf083383fe872b5f15d43c028b463fbbe67c35Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1276927: Add V4L ioctl 'VIDIOC_S_HW_FREQ_SEEK' if undefined by Linux, r=gsvelto
318e39c41b7974fb2c886aec2f8a427f93ef0f7dThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1276927: Fix breakpad to build on B2G, r=mshal
26c264de3544b9ef5be0f946b21572376cc232f7Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1276927: Remove Bionic dependencies from Necko, r=valentin
f3f3ce8ed0d118f9150da89ee2c93646e1d12295Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1276927: Remove Gonk from JS builds where possible, r=dvander
aa274c30c0169f7a37e51c82a81e09ccb06e5d62Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1276927: Fix DOM code to build with Android NDK, r=fabrice
aeb69f71885ceb792487ca12d9e19795f5057c7eThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1276927: Fix B2G sandboxing code to build with Android NDK, r=fabrice
d5702f8571cbeb1c3f320312de7f6faf9dbc73a6Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1276927: Fix B2G widget code to build with Android NDK, r=fabrice