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Fri Jul 26 00:25:27 2013 +0000
b71e4f85dad6dfc225e19bd6882876687df10e9bJim Mathies — Bug 897696 - Add geo.wifi.uri pref for metrofx. r=mbrubeck
b855e94a55fa8218fa7d73a86c4de3604c6810fbJim Mathies — Bug 897131 - Fixup Windows line endings in browser_urlbar.js. r=me
062d97d84821700ed49bebf9c53e99da63775db6Jim Mathies — Bug 897131 - Refresh the urlbar text when the navbar is displayed. r=jwilde
1cf7aa4b2626aa9228c857f6fd4b5de1bfec2aa7Jim Mathies — Bug 896294 - Apply overflow scroll to options flyout when in input precise mode. r=tabraldes
3e669a5c499e066ecc823e6661c73524ea8fdae4Jim Mathies — Bug 894713 - Disable selection control when the navbar loses focus. r=rsilveira
d8b1f46882118b496df771b1593ca7bed68ed9caJim Mathies — Bug 895567 - Fix for start page flashing into view during initial load of a page. r=sfoster