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Mon Sep 15 10:25:52 2014 +0000
f5ab7e76389e5b16b50c44acfb0a4d7521ce24bbMarkus Stange — Bug 1066270 - Simplify mTargetBounds usage. r=roc
3bda71abf6481ebcbec0c95fccad4dc59d82d443Markus Stange — Bug 1066270 - Don't crash when attempting to resolve a filter from an external resource document that hasn't undergone frame construction yet. r=roc
89bc7483714f35d74395df0b4c744fa367ddeae4Markus Stange — Bug 1066270 - Add nsFilterInstance::GetFilterDescription. r=roc
b7bed5a0ee602b6839db7e2fb07533a69064d79aMarkus Stange — Bug 1066270 - Allow aTargetFrame to be null in nsFilterInstance. r=roc
53e6a6204893e6f6c416a55be78df5f764b66e8cMarkus Stange — Bug 1066270 - Replace the nsIFrame* argument to nsCSSFilterInstance with a shadowFallbackColor argument. r=roc
5a40113656920ff608b1ed28523124068d6fe92cMarkus Stange — Bug 1066270 - Add an nsIContent* parameter to the nsFilterInstance constructor. r=roc
769fcdda208d71c97c6679987c94cbbbd30b7d9dMarkus Stange — Bug 1066270 - Resolve SVG lengths in nsSVGFilterInstance using the UserSpaceMetrics supplied in the nsFilterInstance constructor. r=roc
b6154a1235ed591d01adc23fcfb64ae5cd33ec4fMarkus Stange — Bug 1066270 - Generalize SVG length resolution for nsIFrame-less consumers. r=roc
fd1c65e7c68c6022b24460d6a11444e8c2b53ec2Markus Stange — Bug 1066270 - Add the ability to specify the filter chain in the nsFilterInstance constructor instead of always getting it from the frame. r=roc