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Mon Dec 02 01:08:51 2013 +0000
08fd80f4b2bf181ac285c6047838f5a731318d13Robert O'Callahan — Bug 942672. When a gfxContext has a DrawTarget there's an extra device transform that we need to take account of here. r=mattwoodrow
b3af7dbf540f5f2b88d0d3a49721f5655d166919Robert O'Callahan — Bug 938022. Part 6: Have MediaDecoder/MediaDecoderStateMachine that's producing a MediaStream use that stream's current time as the media clock. r=padenot
184ed18485c746b05f7c0201bc375a956e97bc71Robert O'Callahan — Bug 938022. Part 5: Add aCurrentTime parameter to MediaStreamListener::NotifyOutput and fire notifications when the MediaStreamGraph is in a good state. r=padenot
3f0a7db5211e1d929cc06246992c5cfdd2e9beadRobert O'Callahan — Bug 938022. Part 4: Add MediaTimeToMicroseconds. r=cpearce
56a302c46bece924c6318050397e9ea546748584Robert O'Callahan — Bug 938022. Part 3: Add some MOZ_OVERRIDEs. r=cpearce
66eb2c676db24664993b9e2a2a3b10e887526d92Robert O'Callahan — Bug 936988. nsCSSFrameConstructor::IsValidSibling should check for fieldset legends even if the legend also has a table-part display type. r=mats
29f004e4fa778a4fdef5f299b32de7ab57c7ad71Robert O'Callahan — Bug 931460. Part 2: Call ApplyRelativePositioning on fieldset legends so that sticky and relative positioning works on them. r=mats
be8c4d516bdae46d3b89c0f4151c2784ab00efcdRobert O'Callahan — Bug 931460. Part 1: When a <legend>'s frame is reparented to the <fieldset>, update StickyScrollContainers to match if necessary. r=mats
4d75ae037706f5f83f88e69b4935d6496979e982Robert O'Callahan — Bug 938022. Part 2: Block captured MediaStream when the MediaDecoderStateMachine is not playing. r=cpearce
c7994af691f501e9fe93e6843ba1a664e85f6542Robert O'Callahan — Bug 938022. Part 1: Update mAudioEndTime from SendStreamData. r=cpearce