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Tue Feb 26 20:12:46 2013 +0000
1c851a5bbc9fe9782f0cf347730b1650ca119276Boris Zbarsky — Bug 838686 part 2. Use NodeFilterHolder in treewalker and nodeiterator and start using WebIDL codegen for NodeFilter. r=peterv
a4763990a983c9e29a3cf49de18abecbbecba75dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 838686 part 1. Add a helper class that can store a WebIDL callback or an XPCOM interface. r=peterv
b0a1b994278e4ca332e11302be355a8f56f913deBoris Zbarsky — Bug 845313. Make mochitest-ipcplugins actually pay attention to the TEST_PATH. r=bsmedberg