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Mon Jul 18 04:25:21 2016 +0000
b09494ecac5f068861315f9a160fb70e7544e1f6David Anderson — Support compositor bridges from the content process to the GPU process. (bug 1282348 part 8, r=billm)
39636df7a0fe56efe6e0480df7cbb707d18c70b3David Anderson — Send content compositor bridges using endpoints rather than Opens. (bug 1282348 part 7, r=billm)
0520526e9ff334a64a26895802b3661f3ba8b682David Anderson — Don't call Close twice when the GPU process unexpectedly terminates. (bug 1282348 part 6, r=billm)
e6bd9062617fecf80cf520885e367776d02c9745David Anderson — Add a remote implementation of CompositorSession. (bug 1282348 part 5, r=billm)
1276872114941b9cb7ab00bca24bd9c322191748David Anderson — Allow top-level protocols the ability to notify GPUProcessManager when their actors are unexpectedly destroyed. (bug 1282348 part 4, r=billm)
f26200be9e80dcab281d843d4cc3ce70fe2fbc1aDavid Anderson — Move layers ID allocation to GPUProcessManager. (bug 1282348 part 3, r=mattwoodrow)
31ee282cfbbde6f4f9a4302f3810f60823c8a7b4David Anderson — Split InProcessCompositorBridge to its own file. (bug 1282348 part 2, r=mattwoodrow)
842631f306bc5698c7f778270f57f42d704ff59eDavid Anderson — Split up CompositorBridgeParent initialization. (bug 1282348 part 1, r=mattwoodrow,billm)