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Wed Sep 05 01:02:06 2012 +0000
3f42b12798954e0f41c78a1a17abc1862cbc163cTimothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 788094 - B2G RIL: SIM card state keywords is different between code and IDL. r=philikon
bc9be79a2eeb1883b19f3cab74ce821c7b45be95Anthony Jones — Bug 788087 - Apply matrices to Azure/Cairo patterns. r=joe
4e1c9887f87d20afc5746cc707f1533f79cc77c6Marco Castelluccio — Bug 788042 - Use MOZ_X11 instead of MOZ_WIDGET_GTK2 under gfx/layers. r=karlt
5567d9cccba45b68bbe46c62c5b97ee8c0a5900dJan Beich — Bug 788039 - With no prefix, search libevent via pkg-config. r=glandium
af0971ca7acd8eea374e1961b4cc3625a31e7fa7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 784367 - Encode/decode document.cookie as UTF-8 per HTML5 spec. r=bz
244bba751ce4ae586d66d28c8e9a1f0b41e872c5Mike Habicher — Bug 779139 - Make DOM-facing camera objects cycle collection participants. r=jst
73eb2f3088f1862bbd495d2bfe49d03f6dca3083Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
7c75cd38626ae464d24041aafe1502b5a4ef2ba3Joel Maher — Bug 788235 - update a new to capture xperf io tracking and correct product info for datazilla. r=armenzg
8c4c2f7835855a2f0e46768874be040c9b7bc263Brian Nicholson — Bug 784386 - Fix comment for Array.join() string concatenation. r=me