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Wed Jan 07 18:00:19 2015 +0000
cb37bece36f37b0e647f273969442f59b44b9113Dave Hunt — Bug 1118738 - Fix HTML report colours for expected skips and unexpected errors. r=jgraham
a437d18a4b9b3b3d8c36c8cd32f9f16f76dc47dbEthan Lin — Bug 1116070 - Use neon to speed up the mask creation. r=longsonr
adbabd8de78c56a3db8f54a3be87d28d848ad790Blake Wu — Bug 1114928 - Have an initial value for Ouput result. r=ajones
4f547cd4ce3da6147e8f78be0e4da2e64136e440Mark Goodwin — Bug 1096197 - Ensure SSL Error reports work when there is no failed certificate chain. r=keeler