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Wed Apr 04 00:10:26 2018 +0000
cc66bed8784f1d73c59dd2639bdea32dd36477d2Ben Kelly — Bug 1450266 P7 Make XMLHttpRequestMainThread check for a valid inner window before dispatching events. r=baku r=smaug
a880dc2774c1e1e4b2f5b21e2803ac3cbd624d50Ben Kelly — Bug 1450266 P6 Make IDBDatabase invalidate any transactions on DisconnectFromOwner(). r=asuth
2c4fc9d3b1f681876d086796dd6a2ed6d628021aBen Kelly — Bug 1450266 P5 Make MIDIInput::Receive() check for nullptr GetOwner(). r=qdot
cda31f55d8ca1e84bee52d9b5ca2f6820c08cf50Ben Kelly — Bug 1450266 P4 Rebind DETH objects to the new global when is called. r=smaug
ab5238cc7816e544ddb5c2b35a4e508799862c82Ben Kelly — Bug 1450266 P3 Remove nsGlobalWindowInner::InnerObjectsFreed() in favor of IsDying(). r=smaug
96116f87449e5cc90c0704feffb8ec90741a0be8Ben Kelly — Bug 1450266 P2 Remove duplicate cleanup code from FreeInnerObjects(). r=smaug
50d096fbbe39020e5b99225033e51e42b798e25cBen Kelly — Bug 1450266 P1 Remove nsGlobalWindowInner::CleanUp() method in favor of FreeInnerObjects(). r=smaug