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Wed Mar 01 14:12:43 2017 +0000
a8f45b2afbf3bc116fc9c52d4631e426fb3d5733Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1332639 - Remove the external string API: nsStringAPI.h/cpp and nsEmbedString.h, r=glandium
cae4a255be3f8edf44a4e6a91ef16a214bd1c9feBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 1332639 - Fix nsBrowserApp.cpp and related headers to compile without the external string API, r=glandium
e761b88de9de57fb650e439293a45ca076f6c065Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1332639 - Remove the external unicharutil library which isn't used and is now unlinkable, r=emk
ab3684fe0488e10a65389a271fcd78c7987f7e6dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 1332639 - Stop building the media/mtransport/testlib library which isn't used, r=dminor
9825f34adc3d0d69a769c74391d25107d6d54cd8Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1332639 - Remove the RDF "standalone" library which isn't used, r=glandium
1bcada51f54b230f9a4f6a0d41ae8695accc2d20Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1332639 - Remove unneeded #include so that this file builds, r=gsvelto