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Sun Sep 01 09:54:40 2019 +0000
8867e44d49793d8af6b514089cf4b5ebea446985Razvan Maries — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1569728) for causig Linux shippable opt build bustages.
25ee7237b69916f8a42385887c3ccfb1723b68abRazvan Maries — Backed out changeset 42ebd8a50978 (bug 1577439) for causing perma leakcheck | tab process: negative leaks caught.
9781c938afa60cd1187eae6ade5b9588a33f551eAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset b0d7d7218f37 (bug 1575359) on request by Erica
8774861d2dbdf17cb56b44ffa69f16412b723292Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1547676 - Add in-tree ‘Guide to implementing QB WebExtensions’ documentation r=harry
3852e7ad563312a2a7df51b921ca28b10391a902Itiel — Bug 1572698 - Fix the text alignment of the textboxes and the "Copied!" checkmark position for RTL r=ntim
2f873da4b36e4404b7396bf4a1403d316b8ae450Nathan Froyd — Bug 1569728 - build clang toolchains with GCC 7; r=mshal
aaae16f5f29d922bec1671617139642a0c0fe1efNathan Froyd — Bug 1569728 - manually instantiate some basic_string members for libstdc++ compat; r=glandium
42ebd8a50978189a7247dc029de7d66d97e7bec9Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1577439 - Shutdown Servo's thread-pool in leak-checking builds, leak the atom table elsewhere. r=bholley
b3a62419e1ba731f58a5ca3273ce6099c18c355dYura Zenevich — Bug 1577790 - fix dark theme best practices icon fill color. r=gl
8e2dfb26c66ce8f6a48bb1ba2f9d2a4ca6d884feAndreea Pavel — Bug 1560378 - disabled test_bug1364364.html on android r=gbrown CLOSED TREE
72edc19d4181e2086bba17f616d001771d65f098Mike Conley — Bug 1575089 - Add a new Talos test that measures warm startup time with a number of real-world WebExtensions installed. r=rwood
a63410d10c7a9d06504c66338ccdeaac945a8d00Michael Kaply — Bug 1575681 - Add policy to remove access to the password manager. r=MattN,fluent-reviewers,flod
7afcfc71024f568e479c243959c8c538da2f496cRobert Helmer — Bug 1576507 - document FirstStartup module r=mythmon
797a54d2af1d9aa4a0bea8a360addea9b81dc4b7Robert Helmer — Bug 1576507 - add Normandy to FirstStartup service. r=mythmon
c0422b67e5d01c87ea78ed36985dfb01c2c56a24Robert Helmer — Bug 1576507 - skip ClientEnvironment entries unavailable on first run r=mythmon
c547b758be35c62a4a2311443afaa7ac8dbe892eRobert Helmer — Bug 1576507 - add new FirstStartup service and --first-startup post-install flag. r=mconley
83dba42b1853525e59efe05f361bd244937580d3Markus Stange — Bug 1491456 - Split the window into "compositing tiles" sized to 1024x1024. r=mattwoodrow
9798d276348f91a467897783525134fe2b10723aMarkus Stange — Bug 1574586 - Create separate NativeLayer objects for opaque and transparent parts of the window, and do one composite each to draw their contents. r=mattwoodrow
19b8d6a399f60de32ca253fa497c23cbfa93d265Dale Harvey — Bug 1572470 - Add wikipedia to engines.json r=Standard8
97ec7ec089c4e91acd34d7324711cc9c556b1117Nathan Froyd — Bug 1576748 - make complain loudly if expected output isn't found; r=nalexander
3a41fd305c3ce85b9f534f15cd90dfd4ae82c0d1Nathan Froyd — Bug 1577831 - remove `using namespace std;` from IPC glue code; r=jld