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Tue Oct 30 18:39:04 2018 +0000
aa35078cabaaef9c255b3bfaf195051456ab5d8eimjching — Bug 1472212 - Set browser.tabs.remote.separatePrivilegedContentProcess to true by default for Firefox Nightly builds. r=mconley
bf02793f802db78d038f2f5e3663cdf2d257134bJay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Add e10s tests to ensure that URIs with the URI_CAN_LOAD_IN_PRIVILEGED_CHILD flag load in the privileged content process when the pref is turned on. r=Gijs
95a7ef6102a63681d1286d4bfc2554b0d9cf3e84Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Prevent focusing on the tab's content area during session restoration for special URLs for new tabs. r=dao
7b7fa6ab2229e358666d0b0855adcfe6bd8199c4Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Load `` instead of `about:home` for some tests. r=Gijs
4fe4ec18f2f3a4ed521205402de44b0987bae657Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Handle navigation away from privileged content process in RDM. r=jryans
18f824674b76d87ed8cdaee516ad450c1c9b6496Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Rename E10SUtils.canLoadURIInProcess to E10SUtils.canLoadURIInRemoteType and modify it to accept an E10SUtils process type instead of a nsIXULRuntime process type. r=Gijs
1978a7837502d65b12ce3ae35a16a340ab353c9eJay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Remove unnecessary async/await keywords for browser_new_tab_in_privileged_process_pref.js. r=Gijs
21a6f1a83c73ce4fff654d4b2118e98375f0a528Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Ensure that tab does not show busy or burst status whenever we navigate to about:home, about:newtab, or about:welcome in a new window. r=Gijs
48242d39d5328fd57aa8223262e988bd1e837bd6imjching — Bug 1472212 - Update URLs to include the noscripts version in xpcshell and browser tests for newtab. r=Mardak
0b5cf2f4305a1fdf48ca84fdfd2e8f241c67408aMike Conley — Bug 1501044 - Disable fetch-destination.https.html | HTMLLinkElement with rel=prefetch web platform test because it's only passing accidentally. r=jgraham