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Mon Mar 05 23:23:51 2012 +0000
a8115574617bBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Assert that we have the global jsclass flag if and only if we're a global. r=mrbkap
56c192395dd3Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Assert against creating globals in xpc_NewSystemInheritingJSObject. r=mrbkap
119787ed1514Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Do the last bit of wrapped global initialization once the dust has settled. r=mrbkap
8277b919772dBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Kill temporary globals. r=mrbkap
592a35a4e03dBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Introduce XPCWrappedNative::WrapNewGlobal. r=mrbkap
b5abccf004e2Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Call TraceDOMPrototypes via TraceXPCGlobal, and avoid the verification process for wrapped natives. r=mrbkap
d6e1981c7d3eBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Make the call to PostCreatePrototype optional. r=mrbkap
62b27d043ec8Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Factor out the call to PostCreatePrototype into a helper method. r=mrbkap
a17c3b23a664Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Accept an explicit native global during XPCWrappedNativeScope creation. r=mrbkap
3ebefca0bf40Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Manually resolve |Object| on the global in XPCWrappedNativeScope::SetGlobal() to avoid calling into the XPConnect resolve hook too early. r=mrbkap
32ae32597625Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Make JSID class initialization happen on demand. r=mrbkap
951150c4758aBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Modify the semantics of XPCWrappedNative::FinishCreate() so that it doesn't muck around with the refcounts of its inparam. r=mrbkap
36df6e53c4a1Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Use nsRefPtr instead of manual AddRef/Release in XPCWrappedNative::{GetNewOrUsed,Morph}. r=mrbkap
0fd1e730ebd3Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Move the AutoMarkingWrappedNativePtr in XPCWrappedNative::{GetNewOrUsed,Morph} closer to where we need it. r=mrbkap
e7228f6767aeBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Stop passing isGlobal everywhere and use the nsIXPCScriptable flags instead. r=mrbkap
2880b8cc9551Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Stop passing aExtraPtr to InitClassesWithNewWrapedGlobal. r=mrbkap
cf7d53530360Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Remove unnecessary aIID parameter from nsIXPConnect::InitClassesWithNewWrappedGlobal. r=mrbkap
9592334d4affBobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Introduce a flag for global natives and assert that we have it. r=mrbkap
79c6b50a95c5Bobby Holley — Bug 720580 - Indicate free bits in nsIXPCScriptable.idl. r=mrbkap