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Tue Jun 30 17:18:40 2015 +0000
319ea136708988111841508a5844b8d86cb8522dJeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Update String.prototype.normalize tests for normalization changes in ICU 55. r=arai
a6a57dc9a5a7cfcbe14af2a1b010e3708488e99bJeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Use a larger buffer in pkgdata, corresponding to Mozilla's inordinately-long compiler command. r=m_kato
b8ff9ab0b32dce4a05701a176ef7a1a45d8e796cJeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Remove the applied-upstream patch to pass the right argument type to InterlockedCompareExchange in ICU. r=glandium
80841ebc9acaa84a19a944e1f5b74c8d435d51f4Jeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Update the local patch to suppress various clang warnings in ICU. r=glandium
cbcc5ea79885e44d23d3053a29cdc8beb492a134Jeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Remove a patch properly qualifying a type in umutex.h (already landed upstream). r=glandium
2ce5c66c12839dc37aaa61013e2a43559c10cf37Jeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Remove omitCollationRules patch, already performed upstream. r=glandium
e575191a567bdef4a4d12c5ccbb87a1ef838340bJeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Apply the local patch for bug 915735 (it works without needing any updating). r=glandium
addddfefa2e8b0ca1a2c94d8076b72421e970ab0Jeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Remove local patch to not override CC/CXX when building with *BSD -- patch landed upstream. r=glandium
c76364c9a1d07ed188b0fdb02f895877a7569923Jeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Remove local patch to make ICU build with MSYS/MSVC -- upstream has since acquired such support. r=glandium
69d7bda985a7c13dfb5991db7aa31ed9b6ddd696Jeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Update intl/icu/SVN-INFO for the update to 55.1. r=glandium
a0938af93eb217bd6f43694361429cfc411dd304Jeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Remove layout, samples, tests, and various unused data files from ICU. r=glandium
72d5e6070f983351b4662ed263a14ad9af8bea26Jeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Import a clean copy of ICU source, without doing any post-import fixups/local-patching at all on it. r=glandium
f9c8d00afb56323362f3106ba7eb61e034239da4Jeff Walden — Bug 1075758 - Adjust SVN URL in to 55.1, add an early-exit so script is runnable without applying possibly-bad patches. r=glandium
88e918fce0e332290bc0777a293a76dd3ba69338Jeff Walden — Bug 912701 - When removing Unicode extension sequences from a locale, ignore similar syntax that might be found in a privateuse component. r=abargull