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Wed Oct 07 18:04:06 2015 +0000
73d17d930b759852b5104e713ab21841d2b07d29Daniel Holbert — Bug 1210575 part 4: Prevent CSS parser from invoking CSSUnprefixingService if native webkit prefix support is enabled. r=heycam
d7c82707060bb75e595a85203e94cd7dba4e9e88Daniel Holbert — Bug 1210575 part 3: Refactor CSS gradient-parsing code to use a flags bitfield instead of multiple bool args for customizing behavior. r=heycam
b2cc761bf9f7cdef670cc828eda559dbb8f987e7Daniel Holbert — Bug 1210575 part 2: Refactor out the body of a long compound "if" expression into a helper function, IsFunctionTokenValidForBackgroundImage. r=heycam
a17eed12392621bb8c7d5527586c7187bdef2a3cDaniel Holbert — Bug 1210575 part 1: Rename CSS parser function "ParseWebkitPrefixedGradient()" to be more specific, now that we'll have several ways of parsing these expressions. r=heycam