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Thu Dec 18 23:49:44 2014 +0000
df5938ac7dfa2a27a0302f80540852d0c2065b54Josh Matthews — Bug 1112765 - Add an overridable trace hook to BaseProxyHandler. r=efaust
5f55045513014254f85c76bbfcf6ab0db99138a1Kaustabh Datta Choudhury — Bug 1112609 - Bisect Chunk does not run. r=jmaher
b56aec18ea9e6e36935fa7008b62b0170fc1b731Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1111831 - Play the video element in test_multiple_mediastreamtracks.html to ensure metadata gets loaded. r=roc
9a464275ec43005ac308056a5b52c5b5cce087d8R Kent James — Bug 1111063 - Support XPCOMBinary with msvcrt=static. r=glandium
dcd53978a8c083eaff79d67247b8941cee1c84b0Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1101685 - Optionally assert in loggers, default to true on gfxCriticalError. Clean up the calls where large texture sizes were triggering the asserts in tests. r=nical
2bd2d1db4056a54184991cd8248851e64c1b75a3Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1072871 - Make sure the targets don't disappear under us. r=benwa