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Thu Oct 17 18:37:55 2013 +0000
98620827025cb10a85588266f0bc7048193cc898Ben Kelly — Bug 927670 - Prepend lib dirs to sys.path in to avoid conflicts. r=terrence
112e8748b75ced35fc9963f235b41ced4fa1cff0Phoebe Chang — Bug 920877 - Test - blob url with -moz-resolution fragment identifier. r=khuey
ae8714cdf381c196880974e7cd98e241ec9f280ePhoebe Chang — Bug 920877 - Remove fragment identifier in nsHostObjectProtocolHandler before matching the URI. r=khuey
ae664f27e66337dd3d878289e32d32e14a1c92ebSankha Narayan Guria — Bug 918341 - new Map(iterable) should check that iterator values are objects. r=jorendorff
fa7709266585498718027f85d0a299df47af58ecMax Vujovic — Bug 913990 - When encountering bogus URI during style computation for filter, fall back to initial value. r=dholbert
79a1f60d83dfe343308ab19d491a22d9f4d68078masaya iseki — Bug 909997 - Add JS compiler options at runtime to expand differential testing. r=nbp