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Mon Nov 19 21:50:50 2018 +0000
300e5ba9c14285bd5c5db15bb365287e1de8c1b9Jonathan Watt — Bug 1408675 p4. Set per-directory include paths for Eclipse CDT. r=botond
9797d26fd00e11add5a6d941f0f9e4a0486f5180Jonathan Watt — Bug 1408675 p3. Have Eclipse CDT globally set MOZILLA_CLIENT and the NSS include path. r=botond
ab9d9c4cd361557ea0f07e71e6b1a10fb0585938Jonathan Watt — Bug 1408675 p2. Fix Eclipse CDT project missing defines. r=botond
58bb44b8cbba05ecdc9bb23cd826fd90f3a88969Jonathan Watt — Bug 1408675 p1. Set Eclipse CDT per-directory defines in the right place. r=botond
9d92116a6e98e57ed4be283eb13d21984db886fdJonathan Watt — Bug 1501507. Make the Eclipse CDT project ignore some directories when indexing. r=botond