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Mon Sep 28 14:37:16 2015 +0000
97809a7cd49481afd102d009e97dc5f18aaaca97James Willcox — Bug 1182665 - Add a bit more fuzzing on a couple of reftests for Mac and B2G r=nical
f373b1897cac69371b1d5e79cd6aa82c75baf38dJames Willcox — Bug 1182665 - Turn off tile size adjustments on pandaboard debug reftests due to weirdness r=nical
8cdb58b6733d9915936201c196c82efc9be8b977James Willcox — Bug 1201541 - Add a pref for disabling single tile layers r=mattwoodrow
aea6d833cad5a6b64458340b46879d5003098bf8James Willcox — Bug 1148131 - Enable DrawTargetTiled on Android r=Bas
2e58c9d16db7f7676e53f145f98e287d4344c353James Willcox — Bug 1182665 - Don't try to call JNI methods in nsScreenManagerAndroid if it's not available r=esawin
1c5c67287ea8c76ff7e77c9dc0f822a6ef054493James Willcox — Bug 1201541 - Use SingleTiledContentClient for non-scrollable layers on Android r=mattwoodrow
9fea88097171c4eb140022ef07db8d71f675f425James Willcox — Bug 1182665 - Adjust tile sizes depending on the screen size r=nical
157975791d7c999c3ba1a8bc0f727182eb1b60a0James Willcox — Bug 1182665 - Use a direct JNI call to determine screen size in nsScreenManagerAndroid r=jchen
3f77fcc543d8ee8ea4997904ff8362a07af6f2f4James Willcox — Bug 1182665 - Add gfxPlatform::GetScreenSize() and use nsIScreen for gfxPlatform::GetScreenDepth() r=nical