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Wed May 07 18:03:55 2014 +0000
7202bd8d3e1555912543af39a40322c6f280a9a0Doug Turner — Bug 1006051 - Implement nsIParentalControlsService on the Mac. r=smichaud
fc5a504138485d2009e41f3476fe98aa8cdca867Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1002831 - Display remote and local SDP on about:webrtc. r=smaug, r=jib
35a9cc17dd0c40758db742f27b3a940d4f37ac77Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 970734 - Part 2: Record final ICE/media stats when PeerConnections are closed, so they show up in about:webrtc. r=smaug, r=jib
92ea414327b6526e581b762186dbb358335c5834Randy Lin — Bug 969372 - Move mediaRecorder in global scope to avoid test timeout. r=jsmith