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Tue Feb 20 20:13:22 2018 +0000
2e14ee07de8a0dd69a9a8a2a5bb1b5cd6617f757Josh Matthews — Bug 1437140 - Replace some uses of NS_DispatchToMainThread/NS_DispatchToCurrentThread with more specific event targets. r=mystor
91b807639ce3ab9b02a3d5f11b9dfaea497d526aPaul Silaghi — Bug 1437433 - Add a test for checking that a website can be bookmarked from a private window. r=standard8
760d011572dfca2ea39efafbced6518be22c513cHonza Bambas — Bug 1434609 - Add TFO_DISABLED as one of possible states after finishing TCP Fast Open (TFO) connection, r=valentin