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Fri Aug 29 21:47:38 2014 +0000
2a11f29863a1a59ad2b13d4d72f6e9c5577f2c76Brian Smith — Bug 1059926: Give the ability to generate more encodings, r=keeler
8ff0094b610dd8b1f5e3ec5e26462244b59b62feBrian Smith — Bug 1057793: Fix build warning on MSVC 2013, r=keeler
567fd3fb6867015017caa7ab0cdabd58132805d8Brian Smith — Bug 1057791: Switch PR_ASSERT to assert in pkixcheck.cpp, r=keeler
dce9df551b5fd6cb3be319b3731525c3aea2288aBrian Smith — Bug 1057790: Limit scope of CERTCertificate-related stuff to the scope it is used, r=keeler
d24c044140c3fb983a35e3dfb7e2fffe75da8956Brian Smith — Bug 1053924: Remove dependencies on PRTime in mozilla::pkix's test code, r=keeler