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Wed May 22 23:25:35 2019 +0000
c8e9b6a81194dff2d37b4f67d23a419fd4587e49Andrew Swan — Bug 1519577 Convert toolbarbutton to a custom element r=surkov
595c3065e9ac64ed1d4ada38c3a83c6ba2a0ff91Andrew Swan — Bug 1519577 Mark badged page action toolbarbuttons before inserting r=Gijs
82d77e63f4d3971ee341c6a49daacc6524e9d80cAndrew Swan — Bug 1519577 Remove support for unused toolbarbutton anchor attribute r=NeilDeakin
8f0abb76f7bb982c13424019f7bda30089acf1e8Andrew Swan — Bug 1519577 Update devtools test to use a test-only xbl binding r=jdescottes
8de5e0880f85d8986b2995cd8685245922e41b5fAndrew Swan — Bug 1519577 Remove test_bug562554.xul dependence on button.xml r=bzbarsky
57bf01d965797fac39ca0f267050633039aa4c57Andrew Swan — Bug 1519577 Update test_bug467123 to not rely on button.xml r=smaug