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Thu Jan 16 06:52:16 2014 +0000
a7b4836e8ceba13738956f83140e866be29e8598Cameron McCormack — Add documentation about the lldb commands and type summaries available; no bug. (DONTBUILD) rs=ehsan
6df6b12af1b3cb41e5b6db220eeb2f88c1464210Cameron McCormack — Fix ftl lldb alias; no bug. (DONTBUILD)
89cb8d7a3719f52df7fe3b13cbfcbb7e6fe43955Cameron McCormack — Bug 959923 - Add lldb alias to dump the JS stack. (DONTBUILD) r=ehsan
1c32f9cb5b53e833b52ace7ccacae0a56a06d28fCameron McCormack — Bug 959922 - Add lldb command to print an object refcount. (DONTBUILD) r=ehsan
fbb977ca1d5fa5d1450ccec580085523644d8f56Cameron McCormack — Bug 959921 - Add lldb command to print an Element's tag name. (DONTBUILD) r=ehsan