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Sun Sep 15 00:05:34 2013 +0000
daa9550337abd1993711dd5d6056d9fb658aef2bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 10. Make the new code work when we have the image visibility analysis prefed off. r=mats
f2ff265af286887be976495d151fb8534afa9b07Timothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 9. Try to avoid asking for a decode of an image whose network request finishes before painting is unsuppressed. r=joe,mats
412e57718425328be0adee851a5877c624e0ff11Timothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 8. Use a bool to track if FrameCreate has been called. r=mats
8f08b1cb5fbad017c2a4d434de119869ce97134cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 7. Stop assuming all images are visible on frame create. r=mats
c6dcd4d77085928729299bdaf88373f2b973494fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 6. Use the first reflow of relevant image frames to add/remove them from the visible list. r=mats
f824604ba8dc9f7a125d718e0f04420d9183420bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 5. Make AssumeAllImagesVisible usuable outside of PresShell. r=mats
890f8c06d8aaabff2877ba0e80587319196719daTimothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 4. Tweak the ExpandRect function to not expand in a direction that we cannot scroll. r=mats
15151e852274a7808332612ed7dc951f26f3c2c0Timothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 3. Factor out the expand the scrollport code so we can use it on individual images later. r=mats
cdb5c593fa83e1482ac85b3942008023d1465a17Timothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 2. Add a function to remove an image from the visible list. r=mats
5e6df5d3c9f7c53a1c52366e8965c455ff8221e0Timothy Nikkel — Bug 847223. Part 1. Use a hashtable instead of an array to store list of visible images on the presshell. r=mats
9afc5c57e4149e6303cfc87a2153983de897c856Timothy Nikkel — Bug 863658. Replace mozilla-banner image use in reftest for bug 28811 with a plain blue image. r=jmuizelaar