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Wed Dec 02 18:53:27 2015 +0000
b1796696599506c18f4e8afb2e03aa841ab8d749Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1172246. Make sure CallSetup's handling of exceptions it wants to deal with itself works even when the callable is a JSNative that uses the JS_Report*Error APIs instead of throwing exceptions in the usual way. r=bholley
4ebb551d8db2a4a96851b27f1a867a44c18a7a0fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1227190 part 2. Make debugger error reporting play nice with the embedding taking ownership of error reporting. r=jorendorff
5f84bb42a723a215da4308794cfdf09e0cdb4973Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1227190 part 1. change PrepareScriptEnvironmentAndInvoke to return void, not bool, to make it clearer that it reports exceptions for you. r=jorendorff
932fcd51eacef36cc2b568d719f830f3f7b5b2c7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1229664. Drop the concept of inner exceptions from Exception/DOMException. r=bholley
87d9fe68abf24bd062bc8ef140c3fed161ec6182Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1228702. Don't expose the 'location' property of Exception/DOMException on workers. r=bholley