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Wed Oct 03 18:37:00 2012 +0000
b2fd5b6ca0d97429d50a83af2fdef6d96a9753e7Karl Tomlinson — b=408284 don't shape for transparency on ARGB windows r=roc
4aac63aa19dcefb866af1300c1dd78c2de5de409Chris Coulson — b=408284 use ARGB visuals for popup windows when window manager is compositing r=karlt
6c2cfb9e0b45200216758c67e46805adeccaa6f1Chris Coulson — b=408284 let MozContainer widgets inherit parent colormap instead of explicitly setting rgb colormap r=karlt
f42211cc87cd4804960cf84ef2dc14919f45b8deKarl Tomlinson — b=408284 clear transparency bitmap when window is hidden r=roc
6552072432a28500932ccadf9391cf42af72ce3dKarl Tomlinson — b=408284 no need to apply transparency bitmap on each show r=roc
7f2eac1712ef13792816d84f24bd5667b6167dd6Karl Tomlinson — b=795812 shape out translucent windows where alpha < 1/2 r=roc
139ec19e88be9ab4b111aaece91af6cef8590df7Karl Tomlinson — b=795812 add border to panelarrow r=dao