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Fri Nov 06 23:32:14 2015 +0000
ac5202696eb28fa7bac0a1ea77dd75258cec3987Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1220114. Part 2. If a scroll frame is forced to layerize because of an active descendant scroll frame then set a displayport on the ancestor scroll frame so that next paint we don't have to force layerization after the fact and we can do a fully proper paint. r=mstange
7b7e78df378059cb1fc7b895ffe30de423cc1f2eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1220114. Part 1. Change ScrollFrameHelper::DecideScrollableLayer to recompute the current animated geometry root any time mWillBuildScrollableLayer changes in addition to when usingDisplayPort changes. r=mstange