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Wed Apr 04 04:18:05 2018 +0000
a5bfd78a95949b487fc3e875cf01a8c2b5d38c7eMatt Woodrow — Bug 1370575 - Do less manual invalidation when tables changes, and rely on DLBI instead. r=mstange
79da39e0fd79ff7386e4cf8e4037f14529cdd99aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1450189 - Don't invalidate display items when we get a new style context. r=miko
670c69dba51cb63f75561bfa554825be73429d23Matt Woodrow — Bug 1442844 - Don't mark display items invalid when temporarily setting the frame size in FinishAndStoreOverflow. r=dbaron
36e0be4f9c145819427f329641cda203fc94e845Matt Woodrow — Bug 1443380 - Don't mark all descendant frames modified for display list building when invalidating a frame subtree since marking just the root is sufficient. r=miko