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Thu Nov 03 20:41:05 2011 +0000
797d8083efcac52490a8182017eea6ea52e528e7Neil Deakin — Bug 94199, part 5, remove line number reading and writing as it isn't necessary, dxr does that for us, r=bz
b46ffd95bfd836109a7d9b8b504be14b2206271fNeil Deakin — Bug 94199, part 4, serialize/deserialize xbl to startup cache, r=bz
c38c653aed70eb1580d3981ef1c379fed6e2eeefNeil Deakin — Bug 94199, part 3, add GetValue method to nsISupportsKey, r=bsmedberg
44d61a68eae09394a289358361d846420de823c8Neil Deakin — Bug 94199, part 2, add method to serialize/deserialize js function, r=mwu
e0274a0c094e153c7e4a52c96d5ebd1d6dea8018Neil Deakin — Bug 94199, part 1, move handling of base binding to nsXBLPrototypeBinding, r=bz
ca673b65d7eb5c90a2d51a6b59c6c7dcb8f7b708Neil Deakin — Bug 503879, remove nsIToolkit, additinal windows only changes which simplify message handling, patch by robarnold, r=jmathies