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Mon Oct 01 18:58:30 2012 +0000
c0873dd40e2db69b1336a5eae0249bac533e3bc8Joe Drew — Bug 486918 - Create and obey a high-quality downscaling pref, and turn it off on OS X and mobile. r=jlebar
780d5ccc064cd7f0f655d534fd25ae7a595cbad6Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 486918. Part 2: Add the ability to pre-downscale using a high-quality scaler on a separate thread. r=joe,jlebar
717fb1afa61242689405c49c756450cc5bb5c287Joe Drew — Bug 486918. Part 1: Import Chromium's higher-quality image scalers, since we know those to be good and shippable. r=jrmuizel